Na`Vi land G2A partnership


Esport-club Natus Vincere is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with G2A Company specializing in distribution of popular computer games and software. G2A has long proven itself as a trustworthy and successful company at the video game market.


By all means, partnerships always imply mutual beneficial cooperation. But that's not the main thing. Joint philosophy and common goals are becoming the top priorities as well. That’s why our G2A collaboration starts with the social project Save the children. Dendi will be representing it from now on.


Comment by Igor “Caff” Sidorenko, СOO, Natus Vincere:


“We are truly happy with the new partnership, which would strengthen Na`Vi’s global position. The cooperation will certainly be long-lasting and efficient. We are planning to introduce a number of interesting projects in the near future, so our fans should keep a close eye on all the updates on our web-site and social networks”.


Comment by Olga Tkachuk, CIS Business Operations Specialist:

“In order to fulfill ambitious goals we should team up with people having the same aspirations as we do, shouldn’t we? We believe that our partnership with Natus Vincere is a huge step towards achieving the common goal — be the best in what we do. We are also sure that our partnership will be especially pleasing to the players from all over the world, who not only enjoy great games but also like watching outstanding Natus Vincere players, whose victories deliver a lot of pleasant moments”.


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