Anyfin Can Happen OTK Paladin


The third wing of the League of Explorers introduced a new paladin card into the game, which has been immediately used to build a new deck: the Anyfin Can Happen OTK Paladin. OTK means “one turn kill” and it is used to define a combo deck that relies on some key cards to defeat the opponent in a single turn. Anyfin Can Happen is a rare 10 mana paladin card which summons  7 murlocs that died in the current game back on the board. Ideally, to exploit the OTK combo you need to summon only murlocs that can charge or buff other murlocs, thus being able to inflict 20 or more damage in your own turn and end the game.
The goal of the deck prevents us from using too many murlocs and the debated Murloc Knight in particular , a common 4 mana cost paladin card of the Grand Tournament set. It summons a random murloc on the board every time we use our hero power and, overall, it can be considered a good pick in a standard murloc deck but in this case,  summoning many random murlocs will ruin our combo, thus decreasing our victory’s chances.
There are different variants for this deck but it is necessary to only use the following murlocs. The Bluegill Warrior is a basic 2 mana card that, thanks to the charge and his good damage, is mainly utilized as an early removal, trading its life with one enemy minion. You can use it also to inflict some direct damage first, but beware, because it can easily be removed from the board due to its poor health. The Murloc Warleader is an epic 3 mana card which you can find in almost any murloc deck because it increases every murloc’s damage by 2 and health by 1. It has a great affinity with the Murloc Tidehunter- for only 2 mana, it will give us a 4/2 and a 3/2 minion, but in our deck there is no space for it. Finally, Old Murk-Eye is a legendary 4 mana card that can be obtained by simply collecting all the murloc cards from the classic set: if you have none of them, it will only cost 700 Arcane Dust to craft them all and obtain the legendary for free! Old Murk-Eyes is, of course, a finisher - it has charge and increases its attack by 1 for each murloc on the board. Optionally it is also possible to use another card in this deck, the Grimscale Oracle, a basic 1 mana card that increases the damage of all murlocs by 1. 
To use your combo and end the game, you must wait until you have 10 mana crystals to play Anyfin Can Happen and summon all your dead murlocs on the battlefield - you must have already played them or the card won’t have the desired effect. To increase the chance of finding all the murlocs we suggest to choose cards with the “draw a card” effect like Loot Hoarder, Azure Drake or Lay on Hands. Eventually, if you choose to have two Anyfin in your deck, using it the second time you will be able to inflict more than 30 damage with a double buffed Murk-Eye. Honestly this combo deck is really fun to play but, at the same time, it is very inconsistent. If you can’t find and summon all the needed murlocs and Anyfin when you reach 10 mana crystals, the chances to win will dramatically decrease for each next turn!
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