Road to BlizzCon video overview


 Ukraine Yana “b2ru” Khymchenko has made a Road to BlizzCon video overview for our fans and all readers of Natus Vincere website. This tournament is considered to be the most important for all Blizzard fans in Europe. Our reporters were working hard to cover the entire 2-day competition, and Yana even got on top of the main stage of O2 Arena in order to record this video. She showed the venue and told a little about the way the tournament in Prague is conducted. After that, b2ru walked around the premises and showed the most interesting places.



Then, Yana decided to look around the city. She recorded the video overview of one of the most beautiful European cities — Prague — by herself. b2ru was accompanied by a few famous eSports personalities, including well-known European caster Germany Khaldor. You will see the tourist attractions as well as the landmarks of Prague and a lot more in the video below! Enjoy watching!


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