Details of the new patch


Dustin Browder confirmed the rumors on the upcoming changes of Nova and Artanis. However, he provide no information on when the next patch of Heroes of the Storm will be released.



Both heroes are the outcasts of the pro scene. Artanis has been chosen only once in competitive games in the current patch. Nova has been chosen four times. Meanwhile the favorites of the professionals, Kael'thas and Muradin have been picked in 125 and 120 games respectively. There are two reasons of such unpopularity: both heroes are situational and the talent builds are rather strict. These factors make Nova and Artanis highly specialized heroes, which have no place in pro games.



Recent changes in the mechanics of characteristics and damage increase influenced Nova substantially, as she became more powerful in early game. So the changes will most likely be introduced in both taletns and abilities. The changes for Artanis are easier to introduce, as he's the least mobile tank and has no adequate disables, which complicates his life up till Zealot Charge at the 16th level. In other words the hero is useless, though rather tough. Perhaps, Zealot Charge will be replaced to 7th or 13th level. We'll see in time.

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