Ask Yozhyk Anything!


Great news for all Ukraine Natus Vincere fans! And the fans of virtual football will like it the most. We are glad to announce that the next guest of our "Ask Me Anything" column will be our champion - Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk.


You have a unique opportunity to ask him about anything you wish, e.g. his trip to International Esports Tournament, or his plans for the future, or his favorite football players or the football team Eugene supports in real life. The questions to be asked are limited only by your fantasy. So don't miss your chance! Leave your questions in the comments to this news.


We will choose the best of your questions and put those questions to Ukraine Yozhyk. The answers received will be published in the respective news. Don't just sit there, ask our player about anything!

Archive of the previous AMAs:

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