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We bet many of you have lots of questions, you'd like to ask our player - Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. You'll be enjoying this opportunity for the next 7 days! Dendi will answer any questions of the readers of  Ukraine Natus Vincere website before the beginning of the next Dota 2 season.


Leave you questions in the comments to this news from 26 August till 2 September. You can ask anything! Why did the team performed badly at The International 2015? What are the plans for the future? What does he think about the Majors announced? We'll pick only 10 questions and publish the answers on 4 September. So don't miss your chance!

Additionally the author of the most unusual question will get a small prize. The author will be determined by Ukraine Dendi himself. Think what he'd like to talk about the most, ask the question and... maybe it'll be you, who win. 

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#1 ru Marselleoner 26 August 2015, 14:25
Здравствуй Денди!
Хотелось бы узнать как проходя через все эти сложности и трудности ты всё равно улыбаешься и не перестаёшь играть?
Мы видели примеры того как поражения ломают и люди уходят.
Может тебе даже в голову такое не приходило?
Хотелось бы развёрнутого ответа если он есть конечно.
Ну, а если это семья и все мы кто болеет за тебя и NAVI то ты неисправимы оптимист и это очень здорово.
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#2 ph davionicon 26 August 2015, 14:27
Dear Dendi-chan,

Im just a boy who plays dota and my world is just existed in dota, however i got a
curious question for you here it is, When you hook somebody in-game , What do you feel when ur hook lands on them and bite them? are u on some kind of bdsm action or not.?

Curiously yours,
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#3 ua Vecek 26 August 2015, 14:33
Hey Dendi!

Did you see this video?

It touches you right in the heart, doesn't it?

Well I would like to know if you will ever team up with puppey again. I miss the good old days of Natus Vincere and I would like to see you teamed up with puppey once again.

One more thing to say, please start streaming more often, I love your stream!

Good luck in the future and have fun playing dota!
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#4 ua [K]ami[K]ase 26 August 2015, 14:33
In all matches of the first phase of the lower bracket had shadow fiend, in three of which he emerged victorious. Do you think there was a mistake by opting not to banish him?
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#5 ph Yummiiie 26 August 2015, 15:09
Hi ... Dendi i'm a big fan of yours.. i've been playing pudge since i saw you playing pudge .. even though i'm trying hard just to copy your gameplay or strategies.. and i'm enjoying for how you play every game .. just like you are having fun everytime you play .. thats why i'm enjoying watching all of your games :) ... but what i want is to have a fansign to you .. just hoping :) thanks :))
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#6 ua LifeLine 26 August 2015, 15:09
Dear, Dendimon

Been a Na`Vi fan since dota 1... i was wondering ... with all the rage from some of the fans saying "Dendi should find a new or Better Team" was there a situation or any point in your dota life that you started to wonder whether you leave the Natus Vincere Organization or Demand for a Better teammates?

Cheers !
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#7 kh blackz 26 August 2015, 15:10
How do you feel for being a Professional Gamer ?? Plus How to play well when something pop-up on your head ex" Your crush/Your GF started to ignore you or sth feeling bad " Thanks GL
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#8 mk Zero_cool 26 August 2015, 15:11
Hey Dendi

I wanna to ask dendi if someday you leave Na'Vi (Retired or you just leave) do you have suggestion for them who to replace you because your achivments on mid lane are HUGE
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#9 in anmol4alll 26 August 2015, 15:12
I love you playing dota. You are simply the best player. There are highs and lows for everyone.
My question is : What was you doing in forest in the BO1 match against ViCi?
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#10 es missclick 26 August 2015, 15:13

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#11 id Gerandre 26 August 2015, 15:16
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#12 cs patrikminhen 26 August 2015, 15:20
Yo,Dendi,i challenge you to 1v1 ,haha . Hope NAVI will win TI6 . Cheers Advesory :D
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#13 au Zyan 26 August 2015, 15:27
Yo DENDI!!!!! which na'vi roster is the best for you and who is/was your favourite teammate
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#14 vn nartuo1997 26 August 2015, 15:27
Hi dendi, you're the reason i pratice to be the best solo mid . Im from SEA, if i want to go Pro, what i need to do to ? My current mmr is 4k3, i've been climbing from 2k4 and so on. Thanks in advance !
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#15 br Frateschi 26 August 2015, 15:28
Hey Dendi, can you train me pls?
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#16 se SNAFU 26 August 2015, 15:31
Hi dondo, duwa tag dota na? lol
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#17 id leidenfrost 26 August 2015, 15:34
hello dondo, i want to ask why you think MMR system is suck?
and can you tell me the story about how can you meet bulldong at first time?
sorry for my bad english, GL navi :)
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#18 ua khongvanlam 26 August 2015, 15:38
Hi, Dendi !
Do you know that there's a large number of your fans in Vietnam ? Have you ever heared about Vietnam ! If you get an solemn invitation, may you come Vietnam ? We all love you and want to see and take a self/wefie with you.
From Vietnam with love !
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#19 br edumm90 26 August 2015, 15:40
Hi, I'm a big fan. Congratz for all your titles and plays, first of all.

I want to ask how can i play with random teammates and still have a good performance?

Thanks for the opportunity to ask
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#20 ba Ghost95 26 August 2015, 15:52
Hey Dendi.
I play dota 2 less than 2 years and I think I can be a very good player . All I know about the heroes I have learned from you and I think you're really one of the best mid players .I have no specific questions , I hope to meet you one day and I wish you all the best . Greetings from Croatian.
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