Ask Dendi Anything!


We bet many of you have lots of questions, you'd like to ask our player - Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. You'll be enjoying this opportunity for the next 7 days! Dendi will answer any questions of the readers of  Ukraine Natus Vincere website before the beginning of the next Dota 2 season.


Leave you questions in the comments to this news from 26 August till 2 September. You can ask anything! Why did the team performed badly at The International 2015? What are the plans for the future? What does he think about the Majors announced? We'll pick only 10 questions and publish the answers on 4 September. So don't miss your chance!

Additionally the author of the most unusual question will get a small prize. The author will be determined by Ukraine Dendi himself. Think what he'd like to talk about the most, ask the question and... maybe it'll be you, who win. 

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#61 gb TGCakeBandit 27 August 2015, 00:08
Dear Dendi
not only are you funny mother trucker you are also my biggest inspiration when it comes to playing Dota.

I was just wondering if you could wish me a happy birthday on the 14th because ive had a pretty bad year this year, i lost father this year, and it'd be a real big pick-me-up to hear the legendary Danil "Dendi" Ishutin himself wish me a good one on my birthday :)

P.S i have some silly art work of you i made on my gaming wall so you've always got my back when i'm playing wannabe pro pudge

Yours faithfully
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#62 ca alira 27 August 2015, 00:22
Hey hey!
Ask anything huh?

Can I take a picture of you? ... So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas ;)
Also, do you know CPR? Cuz you take my breath away ^_^

ok seriously tho...

(1) If you could meet one person from the past, present, or future, who would it be?
(2) If you had to dress up as an emoji for a party, which one would you be?
(3) What's one thing about you that most people don't know?
(4) If life had an "undo" button, what would you change?
(5) What do you want people to remember about you after you've passed away?
(6) If you accidentally broke all your fingers on both hands, which hero could you still play?

That's all
One question for every International you've been at
Plus a bonus one for TI6 :)

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#63 my God.Fanta 27 August 2015, 00:26
is it hard to be pro player? my question is simple :( life is hard
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#64 ir Nortrom 27 August 2015, 00:32
hey daniel dont you think that the team [with high respect to navi team players] who you are playing in is not in your rate and you deserve better team?

sorry for bad english good luck dendi(navi)
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#65 br Moridan.89 27 August 2015, 01:30
Меня зовут Moridan, and I'm trying to learn how to speak Russian just so I can understand everything on Na'Vi's interviews and streams.
So, for Dendi's question: What changes do you think the team needs to become the number one once again?
Ty :D
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#66 ph tabapayat10 27 August 2015, 02:36
Hi Dendi,

First i would like to thank you for inspiring me to play dota again. When i watch your playing style in youtube, it gave me a lot of confidence again in dota. You and your team are my inspiration. specially your playing style in invoker. Ever since im watching you..

I want to ask is what is the plan of navi in the future majors?
Is it possible for you to take over the Hard Carry position?
Is there any person who you want to be the captain of the navi?
And What do you think about what others saying about XBOCT? they said sometimes Xboct throw the game?

Thanks and regards,
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#67 mk VackoTheBoSS 27 August 2015, 05:00
Hi Dendi!
I play dota about 3 years, and I will not be a good player, if there wasn't you, your streams.
So, I watched all the games of Na Vi at The International 5, but something everytime went wrong.
Like one of the casters said, where is the magic of Na Vi ? This is my question.

Greetings from your biggest fan :D
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#68 ua dewalicious 27 August 2015, 05:01
Dendi you want Puppey play with Na'Vi again?
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#69 ph brondial 27 August 2015, 07:50
I've been a fan of Na'Vi for at least a year now. Been following your site and youtube uploads especially Dendi's for updates and whatnot.

Question, how often are you guys choose unpopular heroes that makes your gameplay ''unpredictable''? Were you guys afraid to try it because the win rate is low?

Good luck to the new roster! Bring back the glory to Na'Vi!
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#70 ph maxicure 27 August 2015, 08:03
Hi Dendi,

This is my question: Why haven't you left Na'Vi since then? There are many opportunities on other teams after Kuro ang Puppey left. Why did you stick with Na'Vi?

One of your greatest fan here.
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#71 br Shanzinho 27 August 2015, 08:36
Hello Dendi.

You are a brilliant player DotA 2 further in the mid has every strategy for your team, you are the strongest mid Heroes with which you play, QOP PUCK SF among others ... then that's my question to you!

-> What do you expect in these final months of the year for the team Navi move on to win titles and make the fans proud of your team?
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#72 id Ranerz 27 August 2015, 09:00
Dear Dendi,

I always want to know if Pro Player Like you or another Na'Vi Team Mates want to sshare your Ordinary Lives like you know such as Education, Girlfriend or anything. Especially you, do you mind to tell us your Ordinary Live beside Dota? your Girlfriend or etc.. We are really want to hear this from you.. But wait, Maybe not "We" but Just "Me" LoL

Greetings from your Indonesia Fanboy,

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#73 ph rfpejante 27 August 2015, 09:47
Hey mate,

Remember when you played Rubick in TI2 or 3? i didn't remember.
You stole Ravage. (dire mid tier3 tower)

What was on your mind when you fail that Ravage?

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#74 bh 4jfriction 27 August 2015, 10:17
Dear Dendi

What would you be doing if you never discovered DoTa?
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#75 vn dangthanhlong 27 August 2015, 10:17
Can we see your girl friend :D
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#76 id revolvor 27 August 2015, 11:19
Hey Dendi, i think you are a good teacher about being good in midlane or anything about it. But i would like to ask you differently about this one.

How could you be so happy all the time? Cheering teammates. Less pressured. Less Flaming.

How Dendi, how?

Because that's the special from you, besides being the best midlaner imo :D

thank you Dendi and NA'VI !
Pink Panther
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#77 ph Pink Panther 27 August 2015, 11:32
Hey Danil!
I love watching you play Doto,well I do watch vids of your games from youtube but when I play and use the same hero as what you inspired me, I feed the opponent sad but true. My questions are: How long do you want to stay in your team? Do you miss the old Na'vi? and last two questions are: Do you love to notice every single comment your fan gives you on IG? and Will you give a follow to me? Thats it. Thanks for inspiring almost all gamers, I love you even though you act like childish and dorky sometimes. Lovelots from Philippines :* WELL PLAYED
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#78 vn tienhuytv 27 August 2015, 13:23
Hi Dondo, u know...In Vietnam, you are the most favorite player ... I play Dota2 because of u ... Do you want to visit our country ?? (maybe a tournament or something eles )
Try your best "Superman" ... You are not old, you're always NO.1 Mid player in the World ...
Good luck Boss - Dendi Boss :) Love ya ....
Vietnamese fan :x
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#79 cz MuahE 27 August 2015, 18:24
Hi Dendi :) At first i just want to say u're my ideal from my begining in DotA 2. And I want to ask you: How did you get onto DotA 2 Pro-scene and how old u was. I think there is more people interested in this question, so i hope u will answer :) Anyway I wish you the best luck in your gaming career and in personal live :)
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#80 cz MuahE 27 August 2015, 18:30

Hi Dendi :) At first i just want to say u're my ideal from my begining in DotA 2. And I want to ask you: How did you get into DotA 2 Pro-scene and how old u was. I think there is more people interested in this question, so i hope u will answer :) Anyway I wish you the best luck in your gaming career and in personal life :)
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