Ask me Anything #1: Vanskor


Ask me Anything” is our new column providing an opportunity to the curious fans of Na`Vi to ask the players about anything they want. Russian FederationIvan “Vanskor” Skorohod was the first to get under the barrage of questions. We’ve been receiving numerous questions from fans throughout the week! Having read all the questions, we’ve chosen those that seemed most interesting to us. Here are the answers from our support.


Hi, Ivan! What’s your mood today? Are you ready to answer the questions of our readers?
Hi! I’m in a fine mood. I’m ready.
Let’s start from the very beginning. Tell us about TI4. Do you think you could’ve changed your mind, if your team had performed better? Or would you have transferred to Natus Vincere anyway?
Most likely, yes. If my team had performed better, I might’ve changed my decision.
You’ve fully integrated with the team now. Was there any tension in the beginning? Many people were constantly comparing you with Puppey and Kuroky, whom you replaced.
No. There was no tension.
You are the youngest player in the team. Are you prepared to form a new squad of Natus Vincere in a couple of years, when the old-timers finish their careers? Can you imagine yourself a captain?
I’ll see when I live to this moment. I don’t want to make any predictions.
Funn1k recently left the team. Who would you like to see as an off-laner?
I’d like to see DKPhobos.
Describe your daily routine. How much time do you spend playing? Are you keen on something apart from Dota?
If I have tasks to complete, I spent the whole day at the PC. I don’t have hobby yet. I’m planning to go to swimming pool.
As per moment many players are busy with The Year Beast Brawl. Have you played this mod? What do you thinks about such thematic events in Dota 2?
I played this mode twice. I won one time. I lost one time. I’m satisfied with the mod. I like the way Valve creates new events for Dota 2.
You must’ve watched the interview of Funn1k after DAC. Can you share your own impressions of the tournament? Do you agree that the play off must not be played in bo1 format?
DAC is a good tournament. Its organizations had both advantages and disadvantages. One should try to adapt to the disadvantages instead of complaining about them. Everything has disadvantages. I disagree with Gleb’s opinion. I think play off can be played in bo1.
After DAC, the community started discussing a young talent Sumail. Can you distinguish any Russian-speaking player, who has potential in your opinion? Perhaps the performance of any player is memorable to you.
Yes, I can. Many people know him (of those who know him) under the nickname Ibah. I’m sure he’ll assert himself.
What are your chances at TI5 in your opinion? Do you think you’ll have to play the qualifiers or you will receive a direct invite?
We have no chances with an incomplete squad :) To be serious, I don’t want to make predictions. However, I will do my best to get invite.
This question doesn’t concern the game. Many people ask who you met your girlfriend. How did you spend 14 February? Describe her in 2 words.
We met at LAN-tournament. I spent 14 February with a high temperature. Describe her in two words? She’s the best.
Have you ever played other MOBA games? Maybe, HotS by Blizzard. Do you think they can become equally popular as Dota?
I played only HotS. It’s a good game with interesting novelties. However, it didn’t manage to involve me for a long time. I doubt any other game can compete Dota in the nearest future.

Blitz-questionnaire as a bonus:

Who is your favorite player in the pro-scene?
XBOCT is 4. What about Vanskor?
What is your favorite movie?
I don’t have one.
What is the most remarkable match?
The final of The International 2: Natus Vincere vs Invictus Gaming.
What is your favorite city for recreation?
Anzere resort (Switzerland)
This is where our pilot edition of the Ask me Anything column is over. We express our gratitude to all the fans, who has been sending their questions throughout the week and to Russian FederationVanskor, who managed to find time for answers. We hope you’re satisfied with the interview.
Write the names of the players of any of Na`Vi squads, who you’d like to interview in our next edition. Will it be the player of Counter Strike: Global Offensive squad? Or you can’t wait asking UkraineYozhyk. We’re looking forward to your feedback!
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