Ask me Anything #4: SL1DE

You've asked many questions to the player of our World of Tanks squad - Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman. It's time to read the questions!  We remind you that our column "Ask me Anything" provide an opportunity to all the fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere to ask their favorite players anything they wish. Next week we'll be asking a player of Dota 2 squad. So prepare your questions in advance and don't lose your chance!
— Dima, would you have continued playing tanks, if you hadn't joined Na`Vi (or any other professional team)?
— I think I would've continued. For how long? I can't tell. Professional team influenced substantially on my wish to stay in the project.
— What future of World of Tanks project do you see?
— There are 2 different "futures". One future is what I wish it to be. The other is reality. I don't dare predicting. However, I am looking forward to prompt development of eSports, all the more, all they have to do is not to spoil what they have: interesting format, spectacular games, many powerful teams (compared to 4-5 teams in the past).
— Tell us the secret of your squad's outstanding moral?
— I guess it is experience. It helps us to cope with losses, as we know that in order to win the players shouldn't relax and spoil the atmosphere in the team.
— Your style has substantially changed, since Dima (LeBwa) took the role of your captain. How did that change influence your team? Which captain is more comfortable for you to play with?
— I wouldn't agree the style has changed substantially. The format of the trainings and the interactions between the captain and the players have changed. I feel more comfortable with LeBwa. However, the scheme is new both for LeBwa and the team, so we have things to work on. This is great. When we lose, we understand that we have many things to improve.
— How do you estimate the level of other eSports teams? Can you name the best ones?
— The results of the tournaments show the best teams. There are the so called "one time" teams, which make one outstanding achievement and are forgotten in a couple of months. Meanwhile there are dinosaurs of eSports, which remain on the scene for many years. This is the dream of any team - to be stably in top. As of now, the teams, which take 8-10 pace, can impose fight to top 3 teams, which is cool. Previously, we could skip trainings for a week before the match with the 8th place team and we'd still be sure of the result. Now it won't go this way.
— How can the skill of a player be estimated in your opinion? Which criteria should be payed attention to? Are there special websites?
— The skill can be effectively estimated only upon watching a couple of dozens of replays. The streams mostly don't depict the real skill of a player. Another great way is to play with a player at the tournament or at least at Ladder.  Special websites, providing detailed statistics, enable only to tell a weak player from a medium player and a medium player from a strong player, not more.
— What do you think about ESL? Do you participate in ESL tournaments? How often do you participate in them, if you do? If you don't participate, tell us why. Is it worth spending time.
— The tournaments were quite good. By the way, my eSports career began with them. However, these were 1vs1 tournaments at the time with a prize of $100 for the first place. It is worth participating, as they provide great practice and training along with a possibility to earn money ; )
— What is your attitude to RNG in competitive/random tanks? Does it has to be there? How would you balance it? I mean the explosions of stowage, the accuracy of penetration/damage ± 25 % and (of less importance) fire...
— I take it as inevitable. I'd lessen the percentage up to 10. However, nothing depends on my vision of the situation, so I don't really think about it.
— Hi, Dima! What do you plan to become (profession) after finishing tank career?
— A cosmonaut surely! Just kidding. I want to develop video games.
— How do you manage to combine eSports with real life? Tell us your daily routine. What do you do in you spare time?
— I manage ok. My day begins at 10-11. I begin training at 20:00, if there is no LAN close. So I've got plenty of time. Each day is unique. I often stream, do sports, study new things or make video content in my spare time. As concerns studying time, I have less spare time, since I need to attend lectures and seminars.


—  Favorite movie?
— Taxi.
— Country (city), you wish to go?

— Tokio, New York.
— Which match was the hardest in your eSports career?

— The Grandfinals 2014 superfinal against Virtus.Pro and WCG 2013 final against Team Germany.
— Which tank is your favorite for pubs?

— E 50M.

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