Natus Vincere Weekly Review #5

Hey, everyone. It's time for yet another edition of our weekly review. Today, you will find out who's looking for the hook of God, our involvements in space, how much riflemen earn, who's the anchor in DotA2, who killed Laura Palmer and much more. You will also find our innovative sink-meter in the end of this review, brought to you by famous Skolkovo center.

If Jackie Chan played DotA2, the recently released third sequel for "Armour of God" would be named The Hook of God. According to statistics, 1337 people came to our website through search engines after looking up "hook of God". Darth Vader decided to investigate the matter further and discovered this:


As you can see, The Hook of God belongs to Dendi. That's why is the right place to search for it. The takeaway? You better not get hooked up by Daniil's hook.


While you're trying to replicate the hook of God, we would like to tell you a bit more about Na`Vi's recent affairs in space. As you already know, the organization made friends with FXOpen. As a result, FXOpen's whole European SC2-roster is now representing team Natus Vincere. If you factor in all the Korean dominance in the scene recently, you may wonder why would Na`Vi do that. Well, we decided to involve ourselves more in media. Additionally, 20% of the prize money won goes to Natus Vincere. Not bad, eh? That said, Strelok's recent victories alone (he won three minor tournaments last week) are enough to buy another bottle of whiskey for ZeroGravity's bar prove that we've chosen the right path. What have we learned? It's possible to make money out of European SC2 these days, you know.


While you're trying to escape the temptation of smashing your piggy-bank, we move onto one of the most important subjects of the review. It's our DotA2-players and their bootcamp in Kiev. It's worth mentioning that during the last two weeks the team was actively streaming unable to practice efficiently due to one of the players' personal problems.


The first match versus Artyk was quite epic. Judge for yourself: the captain was absent, XBOCT played with 2HD, and stuff like that. As a result - the victory. After that, the captain came and told everyone how it really should be done. You already know the outcome. The results in the group stage led to a discussion over Skype in which we learned that Puppey is a slowpoke the team is preparing for TI3, so the rare online-matches are considered to be a training playground. What can one conclude from this paragraph? Natus Vincere are just saving the strats!


While everyone's dying to know if DotA2-guys have anything to save at all, we're moving onto the Shootmania party which took place last week. The event was great despite the publisher's trolling who closed the beta-testing on the very same day and offered to buy the game. Anything to takeaway? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!


Alright, it's time for the SINK-METER, guys.

Event Level of immersion
Last week's standing 7 meters
Hook of God ↑1 meter
Make money out of starcrafters 3 meters
DotA2 bootcamp 1 meter
Losing to Mouz 5 meters
Losing a map to Artyk 20 meters
Good finishing in WePlay DotA2 group stage meter
Total: ↓12 meters

Want to prove the sink-meter wrong? Welcome to the ban the comment section below! Suggest your own criteria for the sink-meter and if we find it good enough - we'll add it!

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