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The top western teams will be opening a new gaming season at the Battle Arena tournament. Though there were 4 teams (Na’Vi, Virtus.Pro, Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses) announced for the event, two teams (Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses) withdrew from the competition and were replaced with Team Empire and Team Tinker in just a couple of hours before the beginning. Nevertheless the event promises to be exciting, as today Natus Vincere will finally reveal the names of the new players of Dota 2 squad in the beginning of the first map. A new era of Natus Vincere is about to begin. Be the one to see its rise.




Time Match Match page
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere 2:1 Russian Federation Virtus.Pro Link
OVER Russian FederationTeam Empire 0:2 InternationalTeam Tinker  
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere 1:3 InternationalTeam Tinker Link

Prize pool

top 1 place - InternationalTeam Tinker - $ 10 000

top 2 place - Ukraine Natus Vincere - $ 5 000

top 3 top 4 places- Russian Federation Virtus.Pro, Russian FederationTeam Empire

List of participants:

 Ukraine Natus Vincere: Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Fng, Vanskor

Russian Federation Virtus.Pro: God, Bzz, Jotm, Sedoy, yol

Russian Federation Team Empire: Silent, Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Scandal, Solo

International Team Tinker: SingSing, qojqva, EGM, Bulba, Pajkatt


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Gold 5 Respect 1
#1 ph X.1 25 August 2014, 17:14
go NA'VI go
Gold 0 DisRespect 1
#2 bg kokolino 26 August 2014, 15:57
go navi go i hope funn1k will make the same big plays like vs PR :))
Gold 2 Respect 3
#3 id qunip 8 September 2014, 22:04
u deserved it
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