Haunted Mines excluded from map pool


The list of HotS battleground, which can be used to play, has changed once again. This time Haunted Mines has been excluded from map pool. Instead of this battlefield gamers can play the Towers of Doom. It seems that Blizzard attempts to introduce some variety in the game process, related to the battlegrounds, since it is the second change related to the map pool. First, the developers introduced a new map during the Eternal Conflict event. This time, they withdraw Haunted mines from the map pool for a while to replace it with the Towers of Doom. 


Blizzard representatives didn't provide additional information on this replacement. One thing is for sure: the users won't be able to play Haunted Mines in Versus AI, Quick Match, Hero League, and Team League. The map will be available in custom games. This means it can also be played at competitions, which will however depend on the organizers. The duration and frequency of battleground rotation as well as map pool limit (if any) are unknown. There's no data if Haunted Mines will be rebuilt or simply closed. 



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