Ben Brode on cards text consistency


The lead designer Ben Brode discusses consistency with card text in Hearthstone. In a physical card game, consistency is very important because you must know exactly what the card does to be able to play properly, but in a digital game, the text is less critical because all the mechanics will be automatically performed once the card is played - a perfect example is Ysera and the Dream Cards. The HS team aims to simplify the game for newcomers making cards easier to read, but at the same time it is important to let people know what the card will exactly do, before using it. The Druid of the Claw and the Ancient of War both use the Choose One mechanic and they seems to have the same identical effect, but in truth it is different. The latter gets buffed, the former transforms itself: silence will only work on the buffed one. Instead, the Druid of the Flame has a different text from the Druid of the Claw, but they work in the same way. Learn more about the reasoning behind each card in the video.


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