TI 2015: The first day's best moments


The first day of TI 2015 is over, so is the participation of our team in the tournament. However, there's no reason for Na`Vi fans to lose hard, as Dota 2 feast - The International 2015 - goes on! We collected the best moments of the first day of TI! Enjoy watching!


Opening ceremony

«Gabe Newell: Welcome To The International 2015»


The tournament was opened by the head of Valve Gabe Newell, who expressed gratitude to everyone coming to KeyArena to watch Dota 2.


«Main Event opening ceremony @ The International 2015»


Our reporters recorded the splendid event.


Team Empire vs LGD Gaming

«Empire vs LGD Game 1 Main Event TI 2015 Dota 2»


«Empire LGD Game 2 TI 2015 Dota 2»


«Empire LGD 3:22 Dream is Real $ 1 000 000 Game 3 TI 2015 Dota 2»


The first game of Russian Federation Team Empire and China LGD Gaming was very remarkable and amusing: the comebacks and the changing of advantage. The bo3 series features everything we love about Dota 2. If you missed the game, make sure you watch highlights!


«Dota 2 How to Refill Bottles — LGD vs Empire»


The players of China LGD Gaming use their captain China xiao8 in a very funny way! 


«Dota 2 The Fights That Turned it Around — Empire vs LGD»


The performance of Russian Federation Silent worth mentioning in manuals. He effectively used the full potential of Anti-Mage Anti-Mage in the second match of the series!


CDEC Gaming vs Cloud9


China CDEC Gaming continues surprising! They won Chinese qualifiers and faced no problem in defeating top teams in the group. What a team!


«Dota 2 Pre-Game Courier Snipe — C9 vs CDEC»


Though International Cloud9 lost, the viewers will long remember an amazing moment of Romania bOne7. This is a new way of killing courier.


Natus Vincere vs Vici Gaming

«Na`Vi vs VG Lower Bracket Round TI 2015 Dota 2»


Notwithstanding the defeat, the last match of our team at TI2015 was spectacular. Anti-Mage Anti-Mage by Ukraine XBOCT was splendid. 


«Dota 2 Final Fight — Na`Vi vs Vici Gaming»


The final fight was remarkable for many buybacks of both parties and «gg wp» by our players. They were close....


Well, there are 5 more days of the best of Dota 2! So let's not be sad and enjoy the show instead! Na`Vi are yet to show themselves!

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#1 cz Ellies 4 August 2015, 19:15
No matter what, Na'Vi was and will be always my favorite team, i will support you always and everywhere, i hope you will stay in this same squad and show us some great shows in other tournaments, Na'Vi 4ever ! :)
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#2 ua kjt 4 August 2015, 21:08
Dump that trashcan Xboct and you win.
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