TI 2015: Day 4 best moments


Day 4 of TI 2015 group stage brought many surprises as well as expected match results. The fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere were most pleased by an unexpected event at All Stars Match! We've collected all the brightest moments of the day in the news for you. Enjoy!


MVP Phoenix vs Vici Gaming

The guys brought many exciting emotions to their fans!


An unusual Korean team Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix finishes its participation at The International. The players brought many positive emotions to all the fans of Dota 2 (except for the fans of the teams, defeated by phoenix): the participant of Wild Card got to top 6, leaving behind a couple of powerful team! We guess that the players are in shock (just a bit), as they'll bring home as much as $ 800 000.


Though matchday 4 wasn't successful for the Koreans, they didn't lose their heart and were quite pleased with the results. Moreover they created miracles in the game: Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker bashed so powerfully! Well we congratulate the guys! They deserve the name of their team!



Virtus.pro vs Team Secret

The bears are one step closer to Aegis of Champions


The match of Russian Federation Virtus.pro and International Team Secret was accomplished in terms of emotions and performance! It is the best match of the tournament so far: the team, which was the favorite of the tournament, was defeated by the team, which was deemed strong, but nothing more than that. We present the highlights of the third game of bo3 series, the absolute must see.



Vici Gaming vs EHOME

This year China rOtk failed to reach the final with his team


After a failure group stage China Vici Gaming continue "fixing" the situation and moving towards the final. The match against China EHOME was rather dull as opposed to the other matches of play off. Still there are remarkable moments: Rubick Rubick turned up to be very effective against a currently popular Tusk Tusk.



All stars match


Caseus et circenses (cheese and circuses)!  Exultant viewers, 20 participants in match, cheese as a main prize and Ukraine Dendi as Pudge Pudge (or was it Pudge Pudge as Ukraine Dendi?)! Could All-Stars match be better? There was no new hero. However, the game was passionate and emotional, of The International level!


2 teams leaded by Malaysia ChuaN and Denmark N0Tail played in a new mode with 10 players in each team. Additional players were chosen on a random basis among the viewers of Key Arena. One of the viewers was a person in Pudge Pudge costume. Before the very beginning of the match his identity was revealed. It was Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, who was sitting in this costume for about an hour!


Dania as (or is) an ideal Pudge Pudge 


The game was exciting from the very first minutes. Large quantity of abilities were flashing on the screen. The final was ideal: the throne of one party was almost destroyed, then an exciting comeback was made and both parties were eating cheese together. Better see it on your own!



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