TI 2015: Final's highlights and summary


The greatest Dota 2 event of the year — The International 2015 — is over. Each of us received both positive and negative emotions during the tournament. We congratulate United States Evil Geniuses, which defeated China CDEC Gaming in an outstanding final match. Ave to new champions!


LGD Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

China xiao8 and his teammates are obviously disappointed with the match results=


The last matchday of The International 2015 begin with the battle over the slot in the grand final. It was most interesting to watch China LGD Gaming captain China xiao8, who had a chance to earn the title of the twice champion of TI. Well... not this year...



In the first bo3 series, "evil geniuses" gained advantage on the draft stage. Having decided to confront Enigma, the Chinese team didn't take into account other heroes of the rival. As a result, United States EG's young star Pakistan Suma1L made ultra-kill on the 24th minute, defining the result of the game.



The play of United States Universe, was remarkable and memorable on the next map. He proved that he deserves a title of one of the world's best offlaners (if not the best one).



Players know that Rubick is capable of turning the course game. All the more the hero was played by a very experienced player China MMY, which was a real pleasure to watch. Having stolen ultimate-ability of Winter Wyvern, China LGD Gaming's support practically presented 4 kills to his carry. Amazing game!



However, the game of the team isn't based only on the play of core heroes.  Winter Wyvern played by United States ppd astonished everyone. Who would dare say that Evil Geniuses didn't deserve getting to the final with a performance like that?


CDEC Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

Both teams are ready to fight over Aegis of Champions


Two most powerful teams, players of the highest level, unique atmosphere and thrilling game - that's the ideal final of a grandiose esports event - The International 2015! It is still unbelievable that Dota 2 grand team United States Evil Geniuses fought in the final of TI against former top pub-players of Chinese region. Well, with such an amazing performance China CDEC Gaming deserved getting to the final.



A couple of days ago United States Evil Geniuses were practically eliminated by their rival 2:0. However, in the final something happened. Was it that the geniuses "found their game", or they simply understood how to surpass the aggression of China CDEC Gaming. They must've analysed profoundly China Q's draft, which United States ppd recently praised. In other words, the teams made an exchange of victories, showing equal performance.



United States Universe once again showed a fantastic move! This Echo Slam was a decisive in the last game of the match. CDEC Gaming didn't manage to recover afterwards, and their rival took total advantage.



The final game is must-watch, from the first till the last moments. Emotions, atmosphere and teamplay are incredible! Perhaps every Dota 2 will say it is much better than TI 2014! finals. We agree!  This tournament was really cool. unique and large. It's pity the event is over, However, don't forget that a new Major tournament of Valve will be held in late autumn. It will most likely be as great as The International! 


Great finish of career (perhaps) for United States Fear and amazing beginning for Pakistan Suma1L!


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