A tribute to Biver: Highlights

During the time he spent playing for Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A, Denmark Malthe “Biver” Winther has solidified the reputation of a reliable teammate and a capable support player, whose talent and unique skillset are a true force to be reckoned with. Today we are paying a tribute to Biver by reflecting on some of his most remarkable plays. We want to thank Malthe for his hard work and commitment throughout each game he played under the Born to Win banner and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. We are more than certain that we will hear about this player again.

A great playmaker

While with Natus Vincere, Biver proved to have an excellent reaction time and ability to make quick decisions when under pressure, as he consistently contributed to his team’s success. He showed patience and determination time after time, even in situations when the outcome of the fight no longer depended on what he did. To demonstrate that point, let’s take a look at one of Biver’s SL i-League StarSeries S3 highlights: even though he was caught up in the middle of the fight and started losing health points rapidly, Biver’s Shadow DemonShadow Demon was able to cast a timely Disruption on the enemy Luna Luna, summoning illusions which helped his team make several valuable kills and therefore compansated for the hero's death. 

13-minute win

The encounter between Born to Win and Ukraine Hive became one of the shortest matches in Biver’s career as it took only 13 minutes for us to force the "GG" call from the opponents. In that game, our players opted for an early-game draft, choosing roaming supports and cores who do not need a whole lot of items to be effective. Biver's choice was Slardar, one of the most aggressive gankers in the game. We saw him demonstrate active playstyle since minute 1 as he was roaming lanes and harrasing opponents all over the place, and that was to a great degree due to his support plays that Na`Vi were able to claim victory without missing any of their heroes.

Signature Disruptor

The list of Biver's signature heroes is topped by Disruptor Disruptor. When playing this hero, the player was always there to assist his friendly cores to get through the lane stage with comfort and then shifted his focus to teamfights, often becoming one of the greatest contributing factors behind his team's eventual victory. Below you can find some of his most notable Disruptor plays. 
First, let's reminisce on the match-up between Na`Vi and International Team Secret in the EU division of DreamLeague S7. The game lasted for over an hour, and its outcome was in many ways decided by Disruptor’s ultimates. The hero proved especially effective in teamfights, where his abillities were used in combination with Reverse Polarity and  Monkey King’s spells. He also came in useful in the game against Russian Federation Vega Squadron, as the Born to Win decided to pair him with Treant Protector Treant Protector and Dark Seer Dark Seer

Mighty Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light is another hero that has found a special place in Na`Vi strategies, appearing in many games as a fifth-position support. While on KoTL, Biver went far beyond the traditional routine of picking up standard support items and saving his teammates and often became a key factor in combat. That can be best illustrated by the game against Vega Squadron which transpired at The Summit 7: Malthe was careful when choosing his hero’s positioning, made sure to supply his allies with mana and win them time whenever he had the chance to, masterfully using the Blinding Light.
In another game against Vega, we saw Biver's Ezalor in action again, his hero draining mana from enemies with the Mana Leak and then knocking them forward to meet the true death at the hands of Born to Win. He used the Blinding Light to space out the fight and choose the best positioning for his hero, therefore securing valuable advantage for his team.

Capable Rubick

Speaking of Biver’s highlights, we cannot fail to mention his praised mastery on Rubick Rubick. Let’s take a look at another game between Na`Vi and Vega, the one which earned Malthe the most recognition as a Rubick player. 
A truly experienced Rubick is the one who knows exactly what skill his team needs and patiently waits for the right moment to steal it. In most cases, Biver decided to go for powerful mass ultimates to strengthen his team in teamfights. In the games against Russian Federation Team Empire and Greece Ad Finem, for instance, he was able to steal the ultimate of Shadow Fiend and went on to make multiple important hero kills.


Of course, this does not conclude the list of Biver's best plays and is certainly just the beginning of many more highlights to come. We genuinely hope that the experience he gained while playing for Na`Vi will do him a good service and help him achieve incredible heights in his future career. Good luck!
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