Hearthstone: What to watch #1


We present a new series of articles about the most interesting events in Hearthstone! We plan to pick the best videos about the the title twice a month. We hope our readers will like the series.





The semifinal match of Sweden Ostkaka and Netherlands ThijsNL was one of the most spectacular matches of Hearthstone World Championship held at BlizzCon 2015. The encounter was really tense and thrilling. If you haven't seen it yet, do it now. It's a must-watch-match!



After a hard match with Netherlands ThijsNL our player easily achieved victory over Canada Hotform and became the World Champion. You can read about Sweden Ostkaka's victory on our website, furthermore you should watch the video of Sebastian's winning moment. It's always interesting to watch him. He's so calm. He remained cool even when he won the World Championship. It's amazing! 



Hearthstone is the game, in which the blind chance sometimes surpasses the skills. This feature makes the game extremely similar to life and evokes powerful emotions. Even the coolest player can burst out, while popular casters have never hidden their feelings. On the other hand, sometimes the chance can help you win. Czech RepublicTrolden creates the collections of funny situations and moments of extreme luck on a weekly basis.



Rage Orc is another distinguished collection of funny highlights. His videos stand out due to featuring the heroes of World of Warcraft.



The last, but not the least is the collection presented by HearthFunny channel.



Back to BlizzCon. As we know Blizzard is fond of making surprizes to its fans. This time they decided to prove that many people play Hearthstone. The organizers held an unusual showmatch of poker player Canada Daniel "Kid PokerNegreanu (the holder of 6 WSOP bracelets) and France Bertrand "ElkYGrospellier. The latter was one of the best StarCraft players. However, both of them played very skillfully. Who won? Learn from the video.



An the last, but not the least is the League of explorers, which will be introduced in the game on 12 November.



Want to learn more about the adventure right now? Disguised Toast  prepared a video preview of one of the missions.



This is it for now! The next article is scheduled for 23 November. We hope that there will be even more exciting videos. We'll be happy to collect them and share with you!

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