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Being too agitated with the disband of Dota 2 squad, we haven't posted any news about our Hearthstone team lately, all the more there's a break between tournaments now. BlizzCon 2015 is near. The best of the best are preparing now to fight over the huge prize pool and the champion's title. Furthermore, the recent nerf of Patron Warrior forced the pro players to spend hundreds of ladder battles in pursuance of a new decks to be used in tournaments.


To entertain you we collected the records Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert's best matches. All these matches were held at Eizo Community Cup #1 and The eSports Arena, in which our player took first places.

Enjoy watching!


Germany Na`Vi.Xixo VS Germany Cloud9.Ek0p

It's good when luck is on your side. First King's Elekk of our player managed to survive after Arcane Missiles, and then Lorewalker Cho from Piloted Shredder brought much trouble to Germany Ek0p. When you play Mage against hunter, by no means should you give your battle spells to your rivals.



Germany Na`Vi.Xixo VS Italy Amez

Don't put too many cards on the board, while leaving your rival alive, when playing Patron mirror match. There's a chance that your opponent's response will kill you. That's what exactly Italy Amez experienced, having gained over 30 points of damage.



Germany Na`Vi.Xixo VS Romania Gamers2.RDU

This match will long be remembered by the player of Poland Gamers2 — Romania RDU. First, Germany Xixo placed Fel Reaver on the fifth move, then takes necessary cards from the deck in two moves in a row, when he had practically no chance to win.



Germany Na`Vi.Xixo VS United States Astrogation

American player seemingly never expected to see Stalagg and Feugen on the board, since they are not used currently. As a result, when Thaddius came, Atrogation had no cards enabling to get rid of it quickly. It's hard to survive when you get 11 damages per move.



Germany Na`Vi.Xixo VS Greece F2K.Hawkeye

Dr. Boom with his Boom Bot let down the player from Greece by bringing only 1 damage point to GermanyXixo. By the way, that's wasn't the end... Greece Hawkeye tried winning, but to his disappointment handlock had enough cards to regenerate health.


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