TOP-10 videos of Dota 2 Short Film Contest


A couple of days the voting at Dota 2 Short Film Contest was over. Ukraine Natus Vincere website has picked ten videos, which have best chances to win in the contest, arranged by Valve. Let's watch the movies together!


The best films will be shown at the main Dota 2 event of the year - The International 2015. Valve will determine the winners and will grant them prizes - $ 20 000 each.


10. Neutral Life

  ~ 3 850   Author: Spunky Animations

Video's page in Steam


We've mentioned this video in episode 5 of Dota Videos Weekly. The movie about neutral creeps deserves the tenth place in our chart! There were many funny pictures about the illlogical actions of these creatures. However, this is the first movie about them. The author did great job and represented one of the funniest thematic movies.


9. Spirit Of Champions

  ~ 3 850   AuthorDotaFX

Video's page in Steam


DotaFX channel is known for its high quality video editing: all the previews of sets, moments of public games and many other are made in an absolutely unique style. The video of the most remarkable and key moments of  the previous The Internationals finals were collected in this movie: from the match of Ukraine Natus Vincere and China EHOME to the Chinese battle of China Newbee and China Vici Gaming. Video is spectacular!


8. The Broodfather

  ~ 4 500   AuthorSirActionSlacks1

Video's page in Steam


"I don't have a son" are the last words of this video. Jacob was too fanatic at playing our favourite game. Now he thinks he's a reincarnation of  Broodmother. This is the only video on our list which doesn't base on the ingame models. It is made by means of camera and hand-made costume. Anyway... play responsively!



  ~ 4 600   AuthorOldBrockCinema

Video's page in Steam


That's an unusual humorous video. The style is black and white movies and Disney cartoons. That's an unusual humorous video. The style is black and white movies and Disney cartoons, which makes it stand out among many SFM-videos. The plot is about the encounter of 2 permanent rivals of the mid-lane:  Invoker and  Pudge. Well. It's better to watch it rather than to read about it.


6. The Final Battle 2015

  ~ 4 800   Author4fun911

Video's page in Steam


The video of Ukraine Natus Vincere moviemaker 4fun got to the sixth position of our rating. It deserves it! This is a very impressive work with special effects in Mortal Kombat style. It shows the moments of the destruction of enemy base and all the rival players. Must watch!


5. The Calling

  ~ 6 300   AuthorLozeng3r

Video's page in Steam


Another SFM that speaks about the upcoming The International. The video is amazing and beautiful. The animation and sound is of highest quality. It has good chance to get the prize of $ 20 000!


4. What hero do you truly need?

  ~ 6 600   Author: Lesllee

Video's page in Steam


The video by Ukrainian user Lesllee, whose channel is well-known for the series "Play like...". He created a movie in a unique cartoon style, having doubled the official trailer of Dota 2. The movie is a fine combination of animation, humor and cartoon style. The work takes the fourth place and has a potential to reach even higher assessment.


3. The Sacrifice

  ~ 7 500   AuthorDeviant Pictures Films

Video's page in Steam


One of the most touching movies of the contest is in top3. The story of sacrifice in Dota 2 world, made by a very creative group deserves to win the prize. The video tells us that there's always space for tenderness and love in the world of endless battles.


2. Enigma's Exasperation

  ~ 8 400   AuthorMaxOfS2D

Video's page in Steam


At last the second place! SFM has the full "set of potential winner": high quality animation, good sound and humor. The main feature is making fun of Dota 2 "features": endless bashes of   Spirit Breaker, backtracks of  Faceless Void  and much more. Must watch!


1. Join The international 5

  ~ 9 500   Authordopatwo

Video's page in Steam


Dopatwo channel took first place and earned about 10 000 votes. It is known by all Dota 2 fans: each new video of the series "5 reasons to pick..." is as waited as a new episode of "Game of Thrones" (perhaps, the only "more waited" episode in this world is that of BBC's Sherlock). The video features the brightest moments of The International: the insanity of emotions, the team actions, the decision making process of the players and much more! The slogan is simple and enticing: "Join!".


Note that the present list of movies is neither approved nor final. Many other works don't fall behind the movies represented above. We decided to pick some of these. They are of high quality. However, they didn't manage to earn as many votes to get to top 10 for varios reasons.

Music videos:

  ~ 3 500   AuthorMbICb   ~ 2 800   AuthorWaltan
  ~ 2 800   Authorhaveluckgoodfun



  ~ 2 700   AuthorRIG animation   ~ 3 400   Authorksardedik
  ~ 2 950   AuthorMayorPixel: AFK or Feed



  ~ 2 500   AuthorWronchi Animation   ~ 2 500   Author:D Biggreenpepper



  ~ 3 100   AuthorW200me   ~ 2 750   AuthorMoss Flower
  ~ 2 750   AuthorDankDota2MEMEmations   ~ 2 600   AuthorSirActionSlacks1
  ~ 2 100   Authorslahser dota   ~ 1 400   AuthorBanana Peel Studio


Natus Vincere:

  ~ 720   AuthorYana Himchenko   ~ 430   Author4fun911


If you haven't seen the two great videos by Ukraine Na`Vi moviemakers, we suggest watching them right now! 

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