The best articles of May


We present the best arcticles of May written by our staff. How did Na`Vi played at Dreamhack Summer 2014? What does our CS:GO coach thinks about the team? How to play on Templar assassin?



Na`Vi.G2A history at Dreamhack

Dreamhack has been organising events ever since the early ‘90s. They have held numerous events in Sweden for multiple games, deciding to switch from CS 1.6 back to CS:GO in 2012 and just a couple of years later, they had announced CS:GO to be one of their main attractions from 2015. Following that, Dreamhack started a series of events known as Dreamhack Open, which would have multiple tournaments being held in different locations. We will now look at all the CS:GO events that our team had taken part in, starting from Dreamhack Bucharest 2013.




Dota 2 on canvas!

We've been watching the growth of eSports in the past year, being the part of this exciting process. Some of our colleagues began working in the field when the prize pools were a cane of beer and the tournaments were held in basement clubs. It's so great to see its rise from the underground with millions of dollars reserved to award the best of the best in competitive scene. We've become so solid and people who drove the industry for passion gained much profit for their work investment.



Andi on DH Tours, ESL PL and future

We talked to the coach of CIS Na`Vi.G2AUkraine Andrew “Andi” Prohorov to find out the reasons of the recent unsatisfactory performance of our team. We asked him what had happened in some matches and what the plans of the Born to Win were.


Lore series: Bad blood P1


On the battlefield of Dota 2, ten heroes pit their skills and wit among each other as they race to defeat the enemy’s ancient. As hero choices on both teams rely heavily on strategy, the result is war that is made up of seemingly infinite possibilities of hero line-ups and combinations. On the battlegrounds, nothing mattered aside from the contribution of skills each hero can bring. Yet, each hero that fights to defend their ancient has a name, a background, a story. And in this Lore Series, readers are welcome to hear the tales and share the stories of these mighty heroes.




In-depth comparison: M4A4 vs M4A1



In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the counter-terrorists have a tough choice to make, which is selecting whether to use the M4A4 or the M4A1-S as their primary rifle. We would be looking at the pros and cons of each rifle to help players in choosing the right weapon.




Revitalising Templar Assassin


With a turbulent career in the professional scene, Lanaya the Templar Assassin Templar Assassin weaves in and out of popularity both in high ranking tournament matches and in regular public ranked games - as of the recent meta, she has risen in terms of pick and win rates that have seen her value in high nuking physical damage and survivability - an attractive trait when looking for a dominant mid hero.

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#1 ua menowno 7 July 2017, 10:22
Hello, when will we get news on Na'vi DotA. Will there be switch up in players or position? What will it take to make Na'vi born to win again?
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#2 ro Ph3o 25 July 2017, 12:28
Not make Dendi the freakin' star of the show for the 100th time maybe. Not to say Dendi's a bad player, far from it, but they keep putting him in the spotlight like he's the last hope for Na'Vi.
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