BH Series: Na`Vi vs Empire



Bounty Hunter Series offer top teams a unique opportunity to measure swords in the bo5 format match and struggle for 1000$. However, "easy money" is not so easy to get, as the end of the fight can be unexpected.


As per moment the throne is occupied by Team Empire. They've fought back their title in a battle against the Born to Win. Who will be stronger this time? Both teams have lost the players in a reshuffle period. Moreover, Vanskor, the "lost player" of Team Empire is a member of Na'Vi today. A week ago Ivan encountered his former team during LAN Finals of GameShow League, held at DreamHack Moscow. Natus Vincere was luckier then. What will happen this time?


We'll find out on Monday, 22 September, at 18:00 CET.


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Comments (2)
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#1 ph edrilordz 20 September 2014, 05:24
good luck guys!!!... i trust in you...

#ididntLOSEHOPE #stillNAVI #goGOgo #pleaseWIN
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#2 id qunip 23 September 2014, 17:41
fight well
i know u all good
so get the archived team
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