Biver: «I am looking forward to bootcamp!»


The community doesn't know much about the newcomer of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther. We decided to fix it and talked to the new support of our Dota 2 team.


— Could you introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself to the readers who are not so familiar with you?


— Hello! I am Malthe “Biver” Winther. I am 20 years old and I currently live in Denmark with my girlfriend.


— Many players began their DotA career in gaming cafes. How did your career get started? Have you gotten to know the game from its original version or joined the scene at the times of Dota 2?


— I watched my older cousin play DotA 1 a little bit and played even less myself. I remember buying Desolator on every hero I played, because that was the only item I knew how to buy in the shop. Keep in mind I was like 10 years old at the time. I switched over to Heroes of Newerth, which I played for 4-5 years, first casually and later competitively.


I decided to make the switch to Dota 2 because I wanted to play professionally, which wasn’t really an option with Heroes of Newerth at the time. The transition went fairly smoothly, but it still took time for me to reach a level where I could start earning money from the game.


— Was the year of 2016 successful for you? What positive and negative moments did you go through over these 12 months?


— I would say that my 2016 was definitely a successful year for me. It did have its ups and downs though. I started out playing with great friends under the sponsor London Conspiracy and we were improving quite quickly. Unfortunately, I have gotten an injury in my elbow, which was due to me playing too much and not being physically active enough, stretching and so forth. The team disbanded and I had to take a break from competitive Dota for 3-4 months, which was quite a change for me.


I came back to the competitive scene in a much better physical state and I started playing with Prodota Gaming where we won a few small tournaments and also managed to claim a fourth place at the WCA 2016. And then following came my biggest success of the year, joining Natus Vincere!



— Young players often have idols who they look up to. Do you have such a person?


— I look up to many players, especially support players. Players like Kuroky, PieLieDie, PPD, Cr1t, Fly are all players that I have studied a lot and that I admire a lot as well.


— Na`Vi’s current lineup is multinational, and you have already played alongside the representatives of different countries on Prodota Gaming. Please tell us how you and the team plan to overcome all the communication problems?


— Our official language within the team is English and we all speak and understand it, so I don’t foresee us having any communication problems.


— Have you had a chance to play against your present-day teammates in pubs or professional games? What qualities of theirs can you point out?


— I have met my teammates quite often in pubs and professional games. I think all four of them are incredibly talented and I can’t wait until we start playing and improving as a team.


— Have you and your new teammates gotten to know each other yet? What was your first impression?


A little bit. I played with them for 2 days during the tryouts and afterwards we have talked a bit online. My first impression of the guys was very positive. All of them seem to be very kind and willing to work together, which is the most important aspect in a Dota team. I am looking forward to start scrimming and later on boot camping, where the real team bonding will happen!


— Needless to say, Na`Vi is the object of both adoration and hatred of CIS fans, the latter being more intense and sometimes unfair. Are you prepared to deal with haters and take on responsibility for how your fans feel?


Here in the beginning, I am mostly just going to focus on my own play and improve as much as possible. I check social media sites from time to time, but I don’t think reading a lot of comments about yourself is healthy as it will skew your view of yourself one way or another.



— According to your player profile, you have an incredibly vast pool of supporting heroes. Why do you like this position?


— I think this role has just always been natural to me. I played it back in Heroes of Newerth and I figured that it would make the most sense to stick with it in Dota as well.


— Many argue that the larger a player’s pool is, the better. Do you agree with them or fear those who tend to practice the same tricks a hundred times to a greater extent?


— I think both aspects are important. Having a large hero pool can make drafting easier for your captain and your team is able to play more strategies. Being able to play a few heroes exceptionally well also gives your team an advantage, since it will force the opponents to either “waste” a ban on it or be forced to play against it.


— And overall, speaking of a new patch, how do you feel about the changes to the game? The Talent Tree, in particular?


— I feel pretty well about the new patch, still adjusting. I like the Talent Tree since it gives you more options on how you want to play your hero.


— Which heroes do you consider the strongest in 7.00?


— I feel like the patch is very well balanced and I have yet to find any overpowered heroes. I feel like most teams are sticking to strategies that were viable in the old 6.88 and it seems like everyone is still trying out different things.


— Do you have any personal or in-game traits that you would like to change or improve?


— I am always trying to grow as a person and as a player. One of the things I have been working on lately is increasing my awareness in the game and being more focused during the more crucial parts of the game, such as a teamfights.


— Do you like movies? What type of films do you enjoy watching?


— I am a big fan of movies, though I wish I had more time to watch them! I enjoy all types of movies.



— What other hobbies do you have? Do you play any sports?


— I’ve always been into sports since I was a little kid. Nowadays I don’t really have the time to commit to any sport, but personal favorites of mine are table tennis and squash. However, now I go for runs 2-3 times per week and do some small workouts at home instead, which fits my schedule much better.


— Speaking of sports, there is an opinion that in a few years gaming will catch up with some traditional kinds of sports in terms of popularity. What are your views on that?


— I think that gaming will continue to grow and we’ll start seeing more and more of it on regular TV.


— And perhaps the hardest question – what do you want to achieve together with Natus Vincere?


— For me personally it would be qualifying for LAN tournaments and proving myself on the big stage against the best of the best. As a team, I just want us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.


— Do you have any shout-outs to your fans or other things you’d like to mention?


Shout out to my girlfriend for always supporting me, shout out to my family and of course shout out to all the fans cheering for Natus Vincere this season!

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#1 ba Nedim 10 January 2017, 15:06
He seems like a really good guy and a good support player.I really like the new Na'Vi lineup and I hope we can win something big. Also Biver try to eat something xd :P
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