Biver and rmN-: New duo


All professions are important, which some players forget. In new meta brought in by 7.00 patch, a combo of two great supports that share mutual understanding can lead the team to the victory. Recently we announced the new line-up for Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A Dota 2 team, and the new supports are Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winter and Germany Roman "rmN-" Paley. Today we'll try to analyse what to expect of this duet.


First, let us take a look at the players' histories. We'll begin with Roman, who is a rather experienced player, despite not being well-known within the community. He began his career back in 2009 when he joined GermanydmZ - a German team comprised of young experienced players at the time. rmN- didn't stay there for a long time and eventually left the team with GermanyBlack^.


The team that enabled GermanyrmN- to demonstrate his abilities on the big pro scene was InternationalGosuGamers. He played there with GermanyKuroKy and GermanyKebap. However, what's more important, he gained the necessary attention due to this team and it helped him continue his career of professional player in Dota 2.



His further steps on this path were the real trial as in 2015 he changed six teams. He spent most time in Russian Federation Fantastic Five. From now on this player will represent UkraineNatus Vincere, and this might be the hardest trial in his esports career.


As concerns Denmark Biver, the situation is somewhat different. He also played alongside great players such as RomaniaBone7NetherlandsSexyBamboe and United States747. His basic role is support, but he became noticed on the pro scene only in 2015, so he can be considered one of the youngest players, which is not bad. Let's recall Ukraine GeneRaL, who hadn't been known before joining our team. Few people believed that the unknown newcomer would turn into a "Machine" that eliminates the rivals in its way.



There's one more aspect that is important: GermanyrmN- has been playing as a core for quite a while, so he doesn't need additional reasoning to make a rotation on the map to assist on mid or easy lane. On the other hand, DenmarkBiver never plays cores even in pubs, trying to always assist his team.


It's hard to predict how they will interact with each other so far. This heavily depends on the players themselves. However, we can take a look at ther hero pools and predict how the games will be played. The pools aren't big, but there're Undying Undying with Chen Chen of DenmarkBiver and Visage Visage with  Winter Wyvern of GermanyrmN-. These heroes are great since they don't necessarily have to stay in one location. If a carry is doing well, a support can move to strengthen other lanes. Furthermore, the powerful combos on hardlane are becoming increasingly popular and the aforementioned heroes are great at these combos.


If we analyse the general hero presence on the map during the game, it'll become obvious that DenmarkBiver likes moveing around, while GermanyrmN- plays a babysitter as a rule: he won't let a hardlaner to come up to the creeps, makes stacks and almost never leaves his carry. Anyway, this can be changed under Sweden Pajkatt's guidance and the overall team strategy.


Summing up, we have a good pair of supports who can help their teammates in any situation regardless if its a hard beginning of the game or a micro moment in a teamfight. Anyway, all we want to do now is to wait until the bootcamp ends and the team goes for a tournament in order to see how the team works in real life.

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