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Our new Dota 2 line-up has recently debuted on the pro scene. International Na`Vi G2A played their first matches at the regional qualifiers of SL i-League S3. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the LAN, but gained priceless experience. Right after the SL i-League, International Na`Vi began a new battle - at the qualifier of Dota 2 Asia Championships.


The team's performance is progressing. The players try to fix their mistakes, build their communication and learn how to use hero pool to their best. The pool has changed significantly with the acquisition of Germany rmN-, Sweden Pajkatt and Denmark Biver. You might have noticed that our team began picking in its official games one of the most interesting Dota 2 heroes — Rubick Rubick.


It is DenmarkBiver who plays on Rubick. We've seen Grand Magus in 12 games of our roster during the past 7 days. Next most popular heroes are Luna Luna and Weaver Weaver, both picked in 5 matches only. Rubick has proved to be the most effective hero so far, winning half of all matches. Malthe demonstrated he's perfectly aware of every strength of Rubick Rubick and is capable of using them.



The beginning of the match


In the beginning of the match the supports must accomplish 2 tasks: create comfortable environment for the core heroes while exerting tension on the rivals. As concerns Denmark Biver, he takes care of the carry and puts every effort to prevent the rival's aggression. In the beginning of the game Malthe purchases Observer Ward, uses Smoke of Deceit and a Teleport Scroll to get to the first tower. This secures additional vision on the lane and guarantees safety for him and his teammates, while he remains unnoticed.


During the first minutes Denmark Biver tries not to leave the carry alone. That doesn't mean he stays behind the teammate's back, leeching his XP. When convenient, he would pull the neutrals, prepare the jungle stacks or go for the Bounty rune. Before leaving the teammate, Malthe pays attention to the location of the enemies. His early purchases were Boots of Speed or Wind Lace to increase Rubick Rubick's movement speed and to be there in time for Sweden Pajkatt, when the assisstance is needed.


Playing the role of a babysitter, Denmark Biver falls behind other heroes in terms of XP and net worth. He catches up with the rivals in gold by means of 10 level talent, but he needs to gain those levels first. International Natus Vincere players understand that gaining 6 and 10 level is crucial for Rubick Rubick. The players give up the lane for him as soon as a core hero rotates to the jungle to farm on neutrals. That's how Malthe manages to make up for babysitting.



Gank potential


Obviously our player doesn't always follow the scenerio we've just described, since a core hero doesn't require constant save in every match. Rubick has a disable ability Telekinesis Telekinesis, that turns him into a very useful ganker. With Rubick Rubick and a couple of stunning or slowing heroes in pick our team made the first blood before the rune spawn, followed by an agressive play.


Fade Bolt learnt on 2 level is as useful in teamfights. Denmark Biver maxes this ability first. Not only does Fade Bolt deal damage, but it also decreases the damage of the enemy untis. This gives significant advantage in the mass and solo fights. Upon achieving 6 level Rubick Rubick upgrades Spell Steal. If before the gank he manages to get a disable or slow ability or spell that deals big damage then getting a kill would be easy. All he needs to do is to estimate mana and define the vulnerable target.



The role in teamfights


By the late game Rubick Rubick is still useful: at any moment the support is capable of deciding the battle and the matchjust as wll. Biver has great responsibility: he must be cautious in a fight and follow the targets he’s interested in. Malthe often focuses his attention on 2 types of heroes: with powerful ultimates (Luna LunaMirana MiranaCentaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner) and good control (Slardar SlardarDisruptor DisruptorBatrider Batrider).


Saving the teammates is another task of Rubick. The range of Telekinesis enables Denmark Biver to control the situation and timely disable initiating heroes while staying at a safe distance. For example, Axe Axe or Slardar Slardar in the heart of the battle risk being lift in air and have their abilities stolen. With a proper stolen skill, Malthe is ready to act as an initiator of the fight.


Abilities and talents


Denmark Biver's favourite buid


Denmark Biver's talent tree




Our player chooses boots between Tranquil Boots or Arcane Boots. Then he buys Wind Lace. Apart from the default Blink DaggerDenmark Biver assembles Force Staff, which increases the mobility of the hero and gives an opportunity to help the teammates. Malthe opts for saving items like Glimmer Cape and Eul's Scepter of Divinity. These artifacts enable him to survive critical moments or help the teammates.


We hope that Denmark Biver will be demonstrating great performance and International Na`Vi will show more new heroes and strategies. Good luck, guys!

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