New HotS features presented at BlizzCon 2015


The representatives of Blizzard presented many new features at BlizzCon 2015. Soon 3 new heroes, a battleground and game mode will be introduced to Heroes of the Storm.

New Heroes


Three new heroes were presented. One of them, Cho'Gall (the two-head guy), is worth special attention. Its game mechanics is unique: the hero will be controlled by 2 players at once! If the players are able to cooperate, Cho'Gall will become a true battlefield nightmare, smashing the rivals with Cho's brutal physical power and Gall's sophisticated dark magic! The combination of the abilities of both heads will substantially increase the power of the hero. In fact there are two heroes in one. The movement of Cho'Gall is controlled by the player, who controls Cho.


Heroes of the Storm — Cho'Gall Gameplay


As concerns, Greymane and Lunara, they're both assassins. Neither of them bears any special ability or introduce any changes to game mechanics. Cho'Gall is the first to be introduced in the game.


Towers of Doom


New battleground introduces new rules. The  game process will predominantly focus on completing the map goals on Towers of Doom. Otherwise, a team cannot win. Both Cores are protected with a barrier. In order to destroy enemy's buildings, you'll need to activate altars. Afterwards the Bell Towers will begin shooting your enemy. However, your Towers can become hitting your buildings, if they're destroyed. So you'll need to protect them. 



A new game mode will soon be introduce. In the Arena the game process is simplified and accelerated. The Battlegrounds are minimized and contain only one aim. In the beginning of the match each player can choose between three random heroes. The game lasts only 5 minutes and the format of matches is bo3. All the heroes are of 10 level. The player needs to pick a heroic ability. 


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