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Friends, pursuant to our promise to publish new blogs on our website, we present you the second blog of Eugene “Razzoc” Dubravin, the manager of Dota2 Na’Vi team. As per moment, he is in Cologne, Germany, with other members of the team. The guys are preparing to the forthcoming ESL One tournament to be held on the next weekend and to the International 2014.


Blog quotation:

When it comes to what I do myself, more than anything else this bootcamp, I wanted to get the team acting as a single unit outside of the game. Each one of them is fully committed to perfecting their game, but being on different sleep schedules, daily routines and the lot, in my opinion, can get in the way of a group of people who want to become more than just a group. Waking up at about the same time, being ready to start playing at the same time and generally being able to discuss Dota 2 while moving around town and during meals adds another layer on top of in-game practice.  

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