Dear friends, right before IEM World Championship and the upcoming sprting, we want to introduce a global promo for our e-Sports boards together with Antec under the title "Boost your gold with Antec!". Today you have a unique chance to get even closer to our team and win a series of new items and services provided by other sponsors. Have you ever wanted to get a brand new SteelSeries device, our official hoody, jersey or even to prac 1x1 with Markeloff and Dendi? Well, you basically don't need to do anything extraordinary except of being active on our Natus Vincere Board!


Lately some of you may have noticed a major upgrade of our Forum that was now rebranded to Board. This allows us to exclusively concentrate on our International community and make your stay on our Board as much comfortable as possible. To keep the things growing, over 20 theme-oriented boards were added so get your friends and start the action right now! What's more, in March getting image GOLD (*) will be as easy as never: all registered users will get an instand boost as well as newcomers will be awarded with bonus GOLD by the end of the end. Want to know more? Read the expanded newsfeed!


"BOOST YOUR GOLD with ANTEC"! features:


  • Over ten new lots in our shop / aucton
  • You can give GOLD once per 6 hours
  • Users with 2-10 messages will instanly receive 10 image GOLD
  • Users with over 10 messages will instantly receive 20 image GOLD 
  • All forum icons' price has been reduced for 40%!
  • In the end of the month all users will receive image GOLD: the bonus amount depends on the total number of messages and time spent on the boards.
  • New loyalty system: active users will get rewarded each new month!


Post your thoughts, create discussions, invite your friends, increase your rating as who knows what new bonuses can await for you in the future :)




New lots:


Antec High Current Gamer power supply
1x1 with Na`Vi.Markeloff @ AWP
1x1 with Na`Vi.Edward @ аim-map
1x1 with Na`Vi.Dendi solo-mid
1x1 with Na`Vi.XBOCT solo-mid
SteelSeries 7G keyboard
SteelSeries hat
300 GOLD 
200 GOLD 
100 GOLD 
Licence for ESET NOD antivirus


* Small Boards FAQ:


Q: What is image  GOLD?
Aimage GOLD is internal currency of Na`Vi Forums. You are encouraged to give GOLD to users whose posts you see as valuable and informative: either it is just a good question, blog, guide, etc.  You will be able to convert  GOLD into various bonuses such as training lessons with Na`Vi players, gaming accessoires, benefits and things like that once the official website of Natus Vincere is released. 
Q: What is rating?
A:  image Rating is a coefficient of your effectiveness and utility within the forums. Rating shows how active and useful you are and increases when you post, when you give GOLD or other people give it to you, as well as depends on your reputation.


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