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Hello everyone! We’re glad to present you the interview with Alexander Kochanowski (ZeroGravity) – successful Counter-Strike player in the past, and Director of Natus Vincere team in the present. You will be familiar with this Ukrainian eSport organization so straight to the point. Enjoy the reading!




Igromania.RU: Hello Alexander! You are unchallenged manager and leader since the origin of organization. Please tell our readers how this all began. How and in what circumstances the star of the Na’Vi was lit in eSport sky?


Alexander: Team Natus Vincere emerged in December 2009, when the world saw the eponymous team of Counter-Strike 1.6. In its structure there were the strongest Ukrainian players from five different cities: Teslenko Daniil (Zeus) and Ivan Sukharev (Edward) from Kharkov, Sergey Ischuk (starix) from Kiev, Arseny Trinojenko (ceh9) from Lvov and Egor Markelov (markeloff) from Dnepropetrovsk. I became their Manager and traveled with a team on all major Championships.In the first years of great help for us was support of the Kazakh patron, and just a great person Murat Jumashevich. His name is probably known to all in our gaming community, he was one of the most odious and major patrons for all history of existence of computer sports.




Igromania.RU: When choosing a name, you had a contest and as a result you stopped at the Natus Vincere. What options did you consider? Why the team colors were chosen yellow and black?


Alexander: In the competition we were offered a lot of options, but we chose Natus Vincere because that name as no other embodies the character of our team to win (remember that Natus Vincere translated from Latin means «born to win». - Approx. amended). In our short history was, is and will always be the champion compositions, and the victorious ideology for us is fundamental.As team colors, it is hard to remember why we chose yellow and black. Maybe we just liked this combination. And, clearly, the fans liked it too, because now yellow and black lovers of eSports are associated exclusively with Natus Vincere.


Igromania.RU: What were the primary goals of the team at the moment of formation and what were the main difficulties? What an assessment you put for the work accomplished on a scale of ten?


Alexander: To create a self-assessment - a thankless task, let evaluation will remain at the mercy of the public. However, I believe that we have done a very good job, maybe not the best, but as close as possible to sports conditions. With regard to the priority goals, initially we set a task to reach a qualitatively new level of the game - that is, to be a better than any Ukrainian team to us.The main difficulty lies in communication - all players have different personalities, made itself felt, and the lack of coordinated actions of certain members of the team. However, we worked hard and, as you can see, we succeed in it.




Igromania.RU: Now, looking back, do you regret about something? What mistakes you could have been avoided if they had returned in 2010? During these three years your successful decisions was adopt spontaneous, or all, on the contrary, carefully planned?


Alexander: Successful solutions became the result of the combined scheme. Sometimes we thoroughly something thought out, sometimes we had to rely solely on intuition. However, I definitely do not regret this. In four years, we, of course, made micro-mistakes, but macro-mistakes I don’t remember.One of our mistakes was that, winning, we haven't worked out on our errors. This is necessary as air if you want to be a stable team for a long time. You should always be alert and look into the root of the problem, and then we were in the Golden clouds and judge the winners do not dare. Now we are paying for this - mistakes of three years ago are surfaced in the surface…

Igromania.RU: Many fans of the team interested in the situation with the new site. When we finally see a new What is going to entice the electoral reader?


Alexander: The new site is already beginning to acquire in the community of myths and legends and becomes the talk of the town. Its launch is delayed because it employs only one person - Alexander Kucherya aka DkPhobos (once played for DTS and Na’Vi in DotA. - Approx. amended). The exact date I do not know yet, but I will say that this is a conceptually new among eSports teams platform.On our new team site will be many interesting features which are sure to attract the attention of any user who is not a stranger to the computer sport. The website will have everything that a fan of our team would like to know about the players Natus Vincere and the organization itself. However, details about all the good and interesting we will tell you in a special video blog, dedicated to the launch of the new site.




Igromania.RU: Recently you have agreed about cooperation with the European Starcraft 2 composition - FXOpen. Why did you choose them? What are the realistic goals of Na’Vi in this discipline in the current year?


Alexander: FXOpen is a very strong team and reliable partner. That to our plans for StarCraft 2: we will definitely expand composition. This year, we should consider the capacity of the existing players understand what we can to demand from them. In addition, we need to understand what players we would like to see in Natus Vincere next year and that they can bring to the team.


Igromania.RU: The composition of the League of Legends has already was, but his speeches hardly to call successful. Are you going to recruit a new team? Why, in your opinion, DotA 2 in the CIS popular than games from the Riot?


Alexander: DotA for a very long time in computer sport and has always been a free-to-play, and today it is, of course, cyber series number one in the CIS. As for the League of Legends, here everything depends from what angle we look at her. Of course, we have certain plans and ideas, but of anything in particular I still can't talk.


Igromania.RU: Another rapidly growing discipline is the World of Tanks. Teams RoX.KiS,, MYM and many others have already got the tank units, and you plan to expand in this direction?


Alexander: Yes, we definitely will expand towards the World of Tanks and, I believe, that already in the near future, we will understand what we want, and who will defend the colors of our team in a single tank discipline of eSports. As we'll settle all, be sure that we will present to your attention the official announcement.




Igromania.RU: In 2010 it all started with a team of CS 1.6 players of which now with might and main train in CS:GO. What do you think - they do not have to become the strongest team in the new game?


Alexander: I believe they have a slightly faded incentive to play and win, but this is all the echoes of long-standing unresolved problems that I have outlined above. They did not give us at least find our game and be stable. Until, stability is given to us with great difficulty. No doubt our skills quality game in the future is a question of time and motivation of the players.


Igromania.RU: In the CIS find a good sponsor for eSports team is much more difficult than in Western Europe and especially in Asia. What are the main difficulties in finding?


Alexander: It's pretty hard with sponsors today, because everything is constantly changing and world does not stand still for a second. Our life becomes more dynamic and more and more digital, whether we like it or not. Today the procedure of sponsors searching is situational: if before you could just stick the logo on the form, now it is not a rental. Such things are not interesting, and we have to strongly improve our marketing strategies to promote products of the partners. 

Igromania.RU: Natus Vincere the first in the CIS began selling gaming peripherals and clothing command symbols on a large scale. What the novelties you’re planning in the future? There are some interesting ideas?


Alexander: Of the novelties I want to note the line of gaming devices, developed in cooperation with the Danish company SteelSeries. I mean a new branded carpet, mouse Sensei RAW, as well as updated headphones. In addition, we'll launch joint products together with Kingston, but it will be a bit later.Range of game forms and other devices will definitely grow. Up to the end of the year we are planning to add another three or four products, up to the team backpacks.




Igromania.RU: A few months ago on the Network were information about your American plans. When the Na’Vi will get there own base? Have you already chose the city or idea postponed indefinitely?


Alexander: No, our U.S. plans are not postponed indefinitely - we are working on, but it all needs a colossal budget. In more detail this question we will put on the agenda in late 2013 or early 2014, when clarify, what, where, how and when. We choose from three cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.


Igromania.RU: Could you please reveal the nearest goals of the organization for the current year. Should we wait for something sensational? What objectives are in priority?


Alexander: Sensation will be, but rather in the next year. In this year we want to finally launch a new site, expand the number of game compositions, and to build the capacity of videos, and live broadcasts. There will be several projects related to Dota 2, and still we dream to develop a unique eSport app for Android and iOS. It is connected not only with the Na’Vi, but with the entire computer sports in general. I am sure many will appreciate it. Besides, work is underway to establish the Association of eSports teams.




Igromania.RU: How many people now working in your team in different positions? Could you call Natus Vincere one big family cohesive like-minded people?


Alexander: Definitely Yes! Na’Vi is not just a company, but the company with soul, with its clear rules and principles. That's up to the quantity, in the Central office employs eight people, and about fifteen working remotely.


Igromania.RU: How do you evaluate women's eSports? Is there any benefit from the presence of the girl's compositions, or it's more just entertainment for the male audience?


Alexander: Female eSports still in embryonic state and it is too early to seriously talk about it. The girls ' team is definitely good, because the girls love to play and train. Well, that they have an opportunity for self-realization. At the end of the year will pass large-scale women's tournament is likely to Dota 2. I cannot disclose all details and nuances yet, but the information about it has long been in the air.


Igromania.RU: What words do you find to increase the motivation of the players who are tired of the games or lost confidence? Do you think that a professional eSport team needs a personal psychologist? In South Korea, we've heard about them...


Alexander: A psychologist? I think that Manager needs to be not only the manager but also sporting Director with and a motivator. If the players are tired, they should go, and not pull all team to the bottom. Faith is something that is born within you, and it cannot be lost or find the cause. The main thing is - if the person wants to, he will be train for as long as it necessary. The main thing is motivation… 




Igromania.RU: Traveling with a team, you have visited many countries. Where did you like the most and why? What Championships could you call the best in terms of organization and member care?  


Alexander: I liked Spain and the United States - the two countries;  I really liked its climate and responsive people. In tournaments I could highlight the Intel Extreme Masters and The International - excellent Championships with the competent organization.


Igromania.RU: A few years ago ZeroGravity was a professional player in Counter-Strike and defended the honor of Ukraine at the international Championships. Do you miss those times? When you see the game of the team, do you want to take away the mouse and make some headshots?


Alexander: Yes, but for a long time ago. I graduated from professional playing in 2005. Sometimes, of course, I miss it, but it was when I’d traveled with the team and again and again experienced these feelings. It is difficult to say who is more nervous during the decisive fights - Me or players. Today I’m playing Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 1.6, but only for myself. I can’t say that right now I could began to play professionally, I can't - have other priorities in life, and like to build something global.




Igromania.RU: Surely you have a lot of hard. How are you relaxing? Where do you find the strength for new achievements? Tell us about your Hobbies.


Alexander: Fatigue is slowly accumulating, but I’m get tired rarely, because I am engaged in favorite business. My work goes on all week, even on weekends. For example, on Saturday I could to respond to emails or engage in the implementation of new projects... I’m working when there is an inspiration, and not only on weekdays, but every day, until the holidays.I prefer to entertain in warm and hot countries when there is an opportunity. Lately there is a lot of work, so I don't have one. In Kiev I’m often having rest in the countryside;  sometimes I go with my friends to eat or dance. My rest is directly depends on the company, so there's just not necessary.What to Hobbies: I am a man of extreme, and I like everything that is somehow connected with the speed. Once I’ve found of the rally and Amateur slalom, I also have won Kiev competition. Now I’m slowly became interested in yachting - I really like it, this is sad but opportunities often says no, though it is necessary.




Igromania.RU: Thank you for the interview and good luck to your team in all your endeavors! If you wish you could send greetings to all you want.

Alexander: Thank you! I wish to you this summer the full range of the most vivid impressions of life! I want to send greetings to our true fans, who always supports us and does not leave in trouble. In addition, thanks to our sponsors - Alienware, SteelSeries, Kingston and FXOpen.

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