Brax: 'Ready to game on!'


Everyone loves their share of rumours. Now imagine how fast they can spread in the Internet, especially when they are referring to cybersports, where everyone knows one another. Hence, the announcement to create Na'Vi.US may not have been that big of a surprise to many. In any case, the history of creating a US division of the Born to Win would best be described by their leader - Brax - and he has done exactly that in his first blog.


Blog quote:


"When I arrived in China, I thought I knew what discipline was. I had a passion for the game, and could easily spent 18 hours a day watching, playing, and studying the game. Chinese teams are well-respected-- and even feared-- for a reason. They are incredibly disciplined and controlled; a good Chinese team has no wasted movement and they play like a well-oiled machine. I admit, I was intimidated. My greatest regret from China is not having the courage to step up and try my hand at leading a team. I was a comparatively new player among some of the best players in the world: the players that I grew up watching and admiring at distant tournaments."




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