Bruno joins Valve!


Recently, it became known that Dota 2 career of a popular showman, analyst, caster and good person, ArgentinaBruno "Bruno" Carlucci is over, since he got a job at Valve company! Let's recall the best moments with his participation!


First, Bruno became noted as a creator of Dota Academy, the first website of professional statistics and the analyzing program Dota 2 Replay Parser. Later he became widely known as a participant of the English-speaking team of analysts at The International 2012 и The International 2013. Statistics and numbers were his prominent feature, and Bruno managed to make an improvised show of any analysis.


Crystal ball foretelling future at TI 3


"No legs" strategy


His image is extravagant and recognizable: jackets with extremely bright prints, colourful shirts, funny headgear and accessories. Mr. Fashion Suit knows how to stand out in the crowd. 


Shirt that changes color in DreamLeague studio


Find the photos of his awesome suits below. This is just a small part of his clothing. Who else looks so interesting and unusual at Dota 2 scene?





Apart from being a bright personality and an amazing showman, Bruno is a true professional. He casts the game on the highest level.


Bruno's expressive speech in Spanish


What is Bruno doing now? Such interesting person will always find work! He hasn't missed his chance. He got to Valve. Here's Bruno comment:

«A few of you were asking where I was these days and I wanted to give you a small update. I've just recently accepted a job at Valve as a Software Engineer. That means, however, that I’m going to be away from the community side of things (i.e: shows, casting, tournaments, etc). I had a lot of fun these years and I hope you did too. See you S P A C E C O W B O Y S!»

Let's hope that Valve will make us a nice present at The International 5 by letting Bruno to broadcast the event.



  • Full name: Bruno Luciano Nicolás Carlucci
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Date of birth: 28 January1985 (30 years)
  • Favorite color: green
  • Favorite food: empanada
  • Favorite hero: Enigma
  • Favorite player: Ben 'Merlini' Wu 
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