The BTS series


Considering that BTS Americas tournament turned out really successful, its organizers decided to conduct similar competitions in three following regions: Europe, Southeast Asia and America. Their overall prize pool will reach $ 180 000


The organizers are planning to conduct 18 tournaments this year, offering $ 10 000 to the winners of each one. They made this decision because of the impressive success of BTS Americas which featured over 3 millions of viewers overall and incredibly intense matches with more than 110 000 people on stream!



According to the organizers themselves, these competitions will provide an opportunity for newcomers to try themselves in matches against well-known teams and gain much needed tournament experience. The first tournament  will be held in Southeast Asia this weekend, on 29–30 August, where such teams as  Malaysia FnaticPhilippines Mineski and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix will encounter each other to fight on FACEIT platform.



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