BTS Europe #1: Na`Vi are ready to battle!


BeyondTheSummit studio keeps on organizing  tournaments for all Dota 2 fans to enjoy! BTS Europe #1, the last tournament of 2015, will run from 21-29 December. Sixteen participating teams will compete in single-elimination format over the prize pool of $ 10,000. Many strong collectives, majorly representatives of CIS scene, are included in the list of participants, so the event will be a must-see!


The first match of Born to Win will be played at 17:00 CET on 23 December. Оur guys will encounter a new International PRIES roster, earlier known as  International Team Bad English. This match, like all other ones except for the final, will be played in the bo3 format. Let’s hope that Na`Vi will be able to defeat all their opponents!


In January, the list of invitations to regional Major-tournament qualifiers will be announced, and it is likely that Valve will pay their attention to BTS Europe #1 results. It means that teams will have to show all they are capable of and the tournament will be extremely interesting to watch!



  • single-elimination bracket,
  • best of 3 format of all matches, except for grand-final,
  • bo5 grand-final.


Prize pool

top 1 place — $ 5 000

top 2 place — $ 3 000

top 3top 4 place — $ 100 each

Time (CET) Match Page


Greece Ad Finem [0:2] Ukraine ProDotA Gaming  
OVER Finland STARK [0:2] Ukraine Fantastic Five  
OVER Sweden COOKISS [2:1] International Team Spirit  
OVER International No Logic Gaming [2:1] Denmark Danish Bears  
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] International PRIES Watch
OVER Belarus ARCADE eSport [2:1] Ukraine Elements Pro Gaming  
OVER Poland Team Alternate [2:1] Ukraine HellRaisers  
OVER Ukraine Vega Squadron [2:0] Ukraine Yellow Submarine  
OVER Ukraine ProDotA Gaming [1:2] Ukraine Fantastic Five  
OVER Sweden COOKISS [0:2] International No Logic Gaming  
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] Belarus ARCADE eSport Watch
OVER Poland Team Alternate [1:2] Ukraine Vega Squadron  
28.12. 19:00 CET Ukraine Fantastic Five VS International No Logic Gaming  
28.12. 16:00 CET Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Ukraine Vega Squadron Watch

Tournament bracket

0 Greece Ad Finem
1Ukraine PD Gaming
0Ukraine Fantastic Five
0 -
Win -
2 Ukraine ProDotA Gaming
0 Finland STARK
2Ukraine Fantastic Five
2 Ukraine Fantastic Five
2 Sweden COOKISS
0International NLG
1 International Team Spirit
2 International No Logic Gaming
2International NLG
1 Denmark Danish Bears
2 Ukraine Natus Vincere
2Ukraine Natus Vincere
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
0 -
0 International PRIES
2 Belarus ARCADE eSport
0Belarus ARCADE eSport
1 Ukraine Elements Pro Gaming
2 Poland Team Alternate
1Poland Team Alternate
0Ukraine Vega Squadron
1 Ukraine HellRaisers
2 Ukraine Vega Squadron
2Ukraine Vega Squadron
0 Ukraine Yellow Submarine


Team rosters

Ukraine Natus Vincere: Dendi, SoNNeikO, ArtStyle, Ditya Ra, Ax.Mo
International Team Spirit: Goblak, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, AfterLife, IceBerg, RAMZES666
Ukraine Elements Pro Gaming: IllidanSTR, GeneRaL, yoky, KingR, sQreen
Ukraine Vega Squadron: 9pasha, Mag~, Solo, No[o]ne, CemaTheSlayeR
Ukraine HellRaisers: ubah, Afoninje, Shachlo, goddam, UnderShock
Greece Ad Finem: SsaSpartan, Madara, Maybe Next Time, SkyLark, ThuG
Ukraine ProDotA Gaming: Jackal, Sunlight, YaJiTsU, Vanskor, MeTTpuM
Finland STARK: Buugi, nemphy, Trixi, Vaalix, okcya
Ukraine Fantastic Five: Bzz, Sedoy, Ghostik, yol, ArsZeeqq
Sweden COOKISS: eskillz, SteffStyle, PABLO, Ash, KheZu
Denmark Danish Bears: Ace, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, Shocolate, NoiA, Ryze
International No Logic Gaming: Masakary, Excalibur, Mitch, MiLAN, Zeroji
Poland Team Alternate: Nisha, Supreme, eL lisasH, Exotic Deer, Standin.robertg9
International PRIES: ATheSpeedOFLIFE, Zenigata, pwN, Gedrox, GIGA
Belarus ARCADE eSport: fn, Barash, chshrct, j4, Bignum
Ukraine Yellow Submarine: PSM, Scandal, Artes, gorec, nickaril





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