Budget Alternatives to Grommash Hellscream


Did you ever wanted to try a deck, but you don’t have all the necessary cards? Today we will show you some substitutes for one of the legendary cards of our SwedenOstkaka’s Patron deck: Grommash Hellscream.
This card is used mainly as a finisher or alternatively as a tool to control the board, being able to destroy even powerful minions with its huge damage.  Grommash fits perfectly in our Patron deck because you have many ways to trigger its rage, like Inner Rage, which will also increase its damage up to 12. For a budget deck, the downside of this card is that it can’t be obtained through adventures, and unless you are lucky with packs or really love to play the warrior, you will usually prioritize your dust for neutrals, not a legendary class card.
When looking for a substitute, we should select cards that can do the same job and can blend well in our deck. Leeroy Jenkins is probably the best alternative to Grommash. This card is able to inflict good burst damage, and due to its cheap cost, you can find it in different decks as finisher or removal – it is totally worth the dust. The damage can be further increased with cards like Cruel Taskmaster, which adds two attack after dealing 1 damage to the minion. Leeroy isn’t supposed to survive for a long time due to its low health and because the battlecry summons two 1/1 Whelp for the enemy, which are usually used to kill their dad. The Whelp also works great as target to duplicate our Grim Patron even more.
Another possible finisher is the Gorehowl. It is an epic card, so the dust price is lower, and you can also use it in different warrior decks. When used as a removal to destroy minions, the weapon won’t lose its durability, but the attack will decrease by 1. In this way you can remove multiple minions from the board. Alternatively, when played as finisher, you will just have one good 7 damage attack to kill the hero.
Ragnaros the Firelord is another legendary neutral minion that can be used for our purpose. It has good stats but can’t directly attack any target; instead, at the end of the turn, it will inflict 8 damage to a random enemy. The card already inflicts damage at the end of the turn in which it has been summoned, so you can easily use it as a finisher if there are no other enemy minions on the board. Otherwise, we can’t be sure if it will really attack the enemy hero or not. Ragnaros is a great removal; if you clean the board of weak minions, it will almost certainly damage the big ones without even exposing its own health. If silenced, the effect is disabled, and you will be able to control it, a tactic that can be used in some situations if you want to prioritize a target. Ragnaros has many health points so it won’t be easy to kill it with spells. Usually you get rid of it with transform effects, such as Polymorph.
Finally, we want to show you a very cheap alternative: Raging Worgen. This card is an example of the versatility of Hearthstone. With some strategic tactics, you can achieve good results even with a cheap 3 mana common card. Surely, everyone has a Worgen in his card list. For our deck, it’s easy to trigger the enrage effect, and if you use Cruel Taskmaster or Inner Rage, the card will gain a total of 6 damage and windfury. It can inflict 12 damage in a single turn for just 5 or 3 mana, depending on the cards that you used. It is almost perfect; the only problem is that it can’t be used on the same turn in which it has been summoned. You can solve this problem by adding Charge into your deck, potentially increasing the damage inflicted by this card to 16. Of course, this is an extreme alternative because it forces you to swap 1 more card and to have 3 cards in your hand to execute the finisher.
Overall, we believe that Grommash Hellscream is the best card that you can use in this deck for this role, and any replacement must be considered just for budget decks. We want also to point out that creativity is the key in this game by suggesting a last card that has nothing in common with Grommash. Kel’Thuzad is an easy card to obtain, you just have to get it in the Naxxramas adventure. The approach is completely different from Grommash. This card isn’t a finisher but will help to improve your board control: you can sacrifice as many Patrons as you want to clear the board; they will all regenerate at the end of the turn. Moreover, your enemy will be forced to focus his spells against Kel’Thuzad in order to eliminate this threat. In this way, the Patron will be potentially safer for at least 1 more turn.
The decks created by pro players are meant to reach the perfection in a tournament environment, but nothing stops you from experimenting and finding your own way. Do you know more good alternatives to Grommash? Let us know!
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