Bugs in Dota 2 Reborn


A week has passed since new client for Dota 2, Reborn, was obligatory introduced. Reborn works on new engine Source 2. Unfortunately, the new client has brought much trouble to the users, who were constantly reporting bugs and mistakes.
The most "funny" bug radically changed the balance of the game, sparing the dire supports from the headache of stacking ancient creeps. As a result carries of one team got a huge advantage of an additional portion of gold. See the bug un the video below.
Fortunately Valve are currently trying to study every report they get and to remove the bugs. The updates are issued almost every day. The bug was soon fixed, but some players managed to improve their rating by using this mistake.  
Another mistake in managing creeps was related to the use of Arcana item for Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin. As you know, a sword tomb appeared on the spot after the kill made by the hero with Manifold Paradox. The game construed this tomb as a foreign object and blocked the camps, where all neutral creeps appeared. As a result, in theory it was possible to block the spawn of all the neutral creatures on the map. This is the most advantageous item in the whole Dota 2 history. 
 The interface of "new" Dota 2 also brought up much dispute. Not only has the quantity of cosmetic items ad has increased, but also many useless icons have been introduced: the learning process is of no interest to the experienced players, friends' news feed is almost useless as of now, the data, which concerns the game occupies only 1/10 of the screen. Upon receiving negative feedback, Valve did change interface, but it is still not accomplished.
Speaking of interface, we can't help mentioning the new player's profile, which lost many interesting function in comparison to the old one. The replay of the old games is limited to 20 games, there's no opportunity to show the favorite hero and cosmetic items (the limit in 3 windows doesn't save the situation), Compendiums and bought tickets aren't shown. MMR can be demonstrated only if you choose it (there's no data on the increase/decrease of the rating per match). There's more of it. Isn't it high time to correct the mistakes?
What do you think about the Greevil eggs? The players, who had a couple of them, could only watch the items vanish with no possibility to intrude into the process. The only reason is that the new client has no feature to imbue the eggs with essences. 
Furthermore, many Dota 2 fans are the collectors of ingame items. They had to buy the extra slots to keep all the items of their collections. There's no necessity in doing that in new Dota 2 client. However, the money was spent! This is not the largest problem, but it'd be good to get the reimbursement. 
Only a very lucky user didn't see the "Error" inscription instead of a courier of ward. However, when such item appear on the map as an undestroyable object, providing vision on the map and the possibility to teleport, it is way too much. 
For some time it seemed that the players had total keys ghosting problem as a result one item was bought twice. Fortunately , there was no need to run to the shop for a new design: it was the new client's bug.
 This error is minor, but irritating. It happens that all the icons shine green when the game is accepted, however the quantity of the players proves that one person doesn't want to begin the game. We hope this will be fixed.
Same is for the "first blood" banners, etc. The absence of these banners troubled, since players got used to it.  
The Radiant's ancient looks strange on this icon. What is it? Flowers? Amoeba?
The Shopkeeper's Quiz was a great entertainment, which enabled to focus on upcoming game, during the long search of the game in the old client. It's easier to find a needle in hay, than the Quiz in Dota 2 Reborn.
Previous night 2 absolutely insane and impermissible bugs for a game of such scale were spotted. In the first bug almost all the participants of the match stood still and couldn't move. It looked as if everyone was disconnected from the game. However, it wasn't disconnection, it's just everyone froze as if Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden put a spell on them.
The second bug was even more insane: the coach of one of the teams could create an enormous quantity of neutral heroes, which would "feed" the allies. Fortunately this mistake was fixed at once. Sad, it'd be nice to see Pudge Pudge or Silencer Silencer with huge stats.
And the last, but not the least, is the opinion of on of the most popular Dota 2 players Canada Arthur «Arteezy» Babaev, who didn't lost MMR upon leaving the match. Though RTZ joked, it's worth thinking. The greatest hate comes from the greatest love, as they say. What if it will happen to Dota 2 Reborn users?
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