Ceh9: New blog about Counter-Strike


ESL One Cologne is over, and it means that the time for a new blog by Ukraine Arseniy ‘ceh9’ Trynozhenko has come!  In his video, he spoke about different news that has been shaking CS:GO community the past few weeks. First of all, he discussed United Kingdom Thorin’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world rankings. Arseniy disagreed with the positions of particular teams which in his view should have been changed after ESL One and expressed his opinion.  


Apart from rankings, our former player analyzed ESL One’s recent record for the biggest number of stickers with teams’ logos and players’ autographs bought by the viewers of the tournament. Sweden Maikelele and his Facebook post was the last topic discussed by ceh9. Team Kinguin player said that security guards are much needed at different events to protect players from some of the fans. Watch the video to find out what ceh9 thinks about it!


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