CEVO Season 7 results


Though the group stage had been passed easily, the finals of CEVO Season 7 were hard for the whole team. Having defeated all the rivals in the group, the Born to Win went on in the capacity of favorites. Their exceptional performance in the beginning along with the defeat of 2 American teams brought much pleasure to the fans. The match against the Polish team was the crown of the group stage. The encounter repeated once again in the final, granting many beautiful rounds to the fans of the teams and Counter Strike.

This is a beautiful venue city of the tournament


First, it took only two maps for Na`Vi to defeat United States Luminosity: de_overpass and de_dust. Many fans of the Born to Win must remember that the American team had lost to our players at ESWC 2015 finals. VP was our next rival in group stage. The Born to Win managed to overcome the Poles at the first map de_overpass. They kept their advantage for quite a while. However, the Poles' captain understood that it's impossible to defeat Na`Vi with ordinary strategies. Our team showed exceptional performance, which forced VP to change the way they played. As a result Ukraine Na`Vi lost one of the late rounds, enabling the rivals to purchase good devices. The Poles didn't lost their chance, took a couple of rounds, and thus evened the score. Eventually they came back to game, it resulting in overtimes. Good beginnings of each match for our team led to the numerous exchanges. The Born to Win tried to win important rounds, but the Poles used the home prepared tactics and eventually won the map.



At the second map Natus Vincere won force rounds and tried controlling all the movements of the rivals. However, the previous map was too exhausting. Our team managed to win 3 rounds, but the final score was 5:16, Poland VP winning. The match brought Ukraine Na`Vi to the final of the lower brackets, where United States Tempo Storm was passionately waiting to challenge the loser. The match on 3 maps was spectacular, featuring the comebacks, overtimes and powerful rounds. The victory at de_mirage was hard 16:13. Next map de_inferno wasn't successful: after the draw we had a series of overtimes, match resulting in 25:22. The decisive battle against American team was held at de_cobblestone. Our rivals were smashed after serious opposition in the first half of the map. We won 16:8 and went to the play off.



The first semifinal of the tournament began with the match of International mousesports vs Ukraine Natus Vincere. The mices had sent Cloud9 to the lower brackets the day before. The international team of mousesports couldn't oppose to the Born to Win at the first map. Na`Vi won 9:16 on de_overpass. After a small break, our team changed the tactics. The encounter was very hard. However, due to the good individual skill of Edward, the tam managed to win in overtime 16:14.



Finally, Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro met again in bo5 series. The players fought on 4 maps, the first three maps being a classical CS. This was the CS the community likes most: fast pace, brave rounds and great shooting.
Many players noted, that the Born to Win should've picked de_train, but it was the first banned map of the final. Anyway, the choice of maps was really good. Our team simply lacked patience in the first two encounters in order to overcome VP, which relies on the experience and well-trained positions. Na`Vi's performance at the third map was very different from that at previous maps. Big open maps, requiring good positioning during the round is the weakness of VP. As a result our team defeated the rival due to great timing, and outstanding performance. It seemed our team would make a comeback!
By the fourth map both teams had been a bit tired. However, the stream showed that our players were smiling and supporting each other. Meanwhile starix was telling them what to do. A couple of rounds, won by Natus Vincere, made VP rethink their way of playing, since much money and champion's title was at stake.



The games at mirage are always unpredictable, since in case of unsuccessful exchanges, the individual skill is decisive. Both teams showed the best performance they could. Polish team was a bit nervous upon understanding that the fate of the tournament can be decided in overtimes. That was the time, when VP began using their home prepared tactics (similarly to the match in group stage). As a result Na`Vi players were confused, made mistakes and were defeated by VP.



 After a legendary victory at the World's Championship in Canada, the Born to Win proved that they can show a high level performance at 2 tournaments in a row. The team took second place in the US and $15 000, which is a good result. Now the Born to win need to train more, prepare new strategies and  encounter the world's best teams in clanwars. As concerns fans, we'll be waiting for their next tournament eagerly and always support our favorite team!



top 1 place — PolandVirtus.pro — $ 30 000

top 2 place — Ukraine Natus Vincere — $ 15 000

top 3 place — International mousesports — $ 10 000

top 4 place — United States Cloud9 — $ 10 000

top 5-6 places — United States Tempo Storm, United States Team Liquid — $ 5 000 each


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