Na`Vi at CEVO: Day 2


The first day for Na`Vi is over now. Our team managed to get to play off, having defeated United States Luminosity and United States Tempo Storm. We lost only one match with However, this defeat is for better for us: Ukraine Natus Vincere will encounter International mousesports in semifinals, while Poland will fight against United StatesCloud9.






Teslenko "Zeus" Daniil Ukraine
Suharev "Edward" Ioann Ukraine
Kostin "seized" DenisRussian Federation
Vasiliev "flamie" EgorRussian Federation
Kovacs "Guardian" Ladislav Slovakia


Serbia and Montenegro Nikola “LEGIJA" Ninić

Netherlands Chris “chrisJ” de Jong
Turkey Fatih “gob b” Dayik
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kovač "NiKolinho” Nikola
Germany Andre "nooky" Utesh



The mice aren't the favorites of the match. Though they are able to surprisingly defeat Ukraine Na`Vi, they have little chance to do it. The Born to Win are craving for the championship! Let's support them in their aspiration!

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