Na`Vi at CEVO Finals in America


Our players arrived in the US to take part in prestigious CEVO / MLG Pro League Season 8. The competition is going to run on 6–8 November in large American city Columbus, the state capital of Ohio. In their spare time, after team practices and individual trainings, UkraineNatus Vincere players shared their impressions with all fans using social media pages. In our turn, we gathered their most interesting posts together. Enjoy!


7 November


5-6 November

Our players set off to the US right from Romania. Russian Federationseized and Russian Federation flamie sat together on a plane.



Flying to Cevo, got WiFi here :)

Фото опубликовано Egor Vasilyev (@flamiecs)


Having arrived in America, the entire team went shopping to relax before the tournament.




The best sniper of  DreamHack major tried on some new clothes, and was photographed by  Ukraine Zeus.



Guardian спрашивает играть с кепкой или без ?

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

Guardian is wondering whether he should play with or without cap


Daniil Teslenko took a selfie at the hotel.



А у нас 10 утра а у вас ?

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

It's 10 am here, what time do you have?

Practicing at  MLG studio . Photo by  Russian Federation seized.





Came to MLG studio to practice for 2 hours

/sk GuardiaN took a photo with a famous host at  MLG arena.



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