Na`Vi is the runner-up of CEVO Season 7


The grandiose final of CEVO Season 7 is over. Ukraine Natus Vincere and Poland encountered in the grand final of the tournament. The two teams had passed difficult group stage and play off, till they met in the final bo5 battle. won the first tow maps of the grand final: 8:16 (4:11; 4:5) @overpass, 11:16 (10:5; 1:11) @ cache. However, the Born to Win gained victory at de_cobblestone, the map they picked. They even forced to hide VP players in all the corners of the map in many rounds. The teams were to play overtime at the decisive map of the match 15:19 (10:5; 5:10) @mirage.
Our players were winning in the final battle, but the Poles managed to somehow even the score and get the overtime (due to a weapon purchase). Natus Vincere players chose quite risky strategy in additional rounds. As a result they were defeated. Though they had chances to fix the situation, they didn't manage to implement all the strategies they planned.
Well, anyway, being a runner-up after an outstanding victory at ESWC 2015 is also a good result! That's what the fans love Na`Vi.CS:GO for!



CEVO Season 7 results:

top 1 place — - $ 30 000

top 2 place — Ukraine Natus Vincere- $ 15 000

top 3 place — International mousesports - $ 10 000

top 4 place — United States Cloud9 - $ 10 000

top 5-6 places — United States Tempo Storm, United States Team Liquid - $ 5 000


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