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While playing a match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one should always be attentive and keep an eye out for the enemies. Sometimes those enemies might be hiding behind cover or a corner, so if you are not careful then they would easily kill not only you, but also get one or two kills more before they are spotted. Today we would be listing the spots where an enemy can hide on de_cache.
Callouts for de_cache. Credits to steam user Froosh.

Bombsite A

The A bombsite features numerous hiding positions and boosts which makes it difficult to retake or execute onto the bombsite. If the terrorists want to execute on the bombsite, then they would have to watch out for enemies hiding behind the truck or the quad, as they will have their sights on A main; if they decide to come from squeaky, then there would enemies at the balcony or the forklift waiting for them. 
That’s why most of the time the terrorists prefer to create a smoke wall at the bombsite from outside A long to cut off the vision for most of the defenders; after the smokes have landed they can easily plant the bomb, as they would only have to worry about forklift, balcony (also known as catwalk) and anyone rushing through the smoke when going for the A split.
The A bombsite.
On the other hand, the Counter-Terrorists would have to look out for enemies at multiple locations when going for the retake. If you are coming from the truck side, then you would have to make sure that no one is watching the truck from A main, catwalk or forklift. If you are going for the retake from highway, then keep an eye out for any enemy at quad as it’s a common spot for most players, especially snipers; once you get closer to the site, you would also have to worry about squeaky, forklift and A main.
You can also try getting the flank on the enemy team by coming from A main or squeaky - this does require speed, as you would have to go all the way around the bombsite. You can use this route if you decide to rotate early due to your team giving you the call that they are executing on the A bombsite or if the bomb was just planted. Before you even reach the bombsite, make sure that no one is at A main or squeaky, as they would be likely be there to stop anyone trying to backstab them. Sometimes an enemy can also hide near the lockers at A main, so do check that to avoid getting shot in the back. 

Bombsite B

Meanwhile, over on the B bombsite, there aren’t many hiding spots, but they can easily provide a lot of cover, and it also has numerous crossfire setups that the player have to be aware of. For the Terrorists, they don’t have many options to reach the bombsite instead of vents or the B halls. If you are going from B halls - check if there’s someone near B main or checkers, as he can easily spot and fire the first shot on you. 
Another method is to rush down mid and quickly jump into vents to drop down into checkers and make your way towards the bombsite from there; this can be quite risky, as anyone watching mid would be able to spot you and give the call to the team quickly. Once you are in the vents, try to clear checkers first and ensure that there is no enemies behind the box there, or even below the vents.
The B bombsite.
In order to take over the bombsite without causing too much chaos, your team can smoke off the heaven and the tree to cut off the defenders from their teammates. You can easily smoke them off before even reaching the bombsite by throwing the smokes from B halls or the sun room; just make sure that no one pushes your team or tries to flank from behind. Once you have done that you can make your way towards the site while checking the remaining spots like the checkers, the generator and the bombsite itself. 
After you have cleared the bombsite and planted the bomb, you would have to get into afterplant positions: remember that you should be close to the boxes on bombsite if you decide to stay at the bombsite, since the CTs from heaven would be able to spot you otherwise. You can also hide below the heaven, but this would leave you in the open from other locations if you don’t have your teammates covering them.


The middle area of the map.
Apart from the bombsites, middle has quite a few spots that one should check too. Having control over middle plays a huge role during a round, as it allows you to go towards any site you want and, it also allows you to flank the enemies on a specific bombsite from multiple directions. If you are on the terrorist side, then keep in mind that there would always be someone watching the garage from either Z or highway at the headshot box. They can also hide at cubby or the sandbags, so remember to take a look over there too.
On the contrary, the Counter-Terrorists do not have much places to check at mid, as they only need to look for any enemies coming out from garage or are boosted onto the boost spot. You can also boost yourself with the help of a teammate from mid in order to get the jump on the enemy team, but try to not make any sound as the terrorists would be able to hear you if they are holding at A main. Also try to have garage smoked before performing the boost to avoid being spotted; checking cubby before going for it would also be helpful in case someone was already boosted and have dropped down there or snuck past your team from garage.


The Terrorist spawn.
The map also features a couple of hiding spots at both teams’ spawn points too: you can check them in case someone from the enemy team is saving. The CT spawn has a van where the enemy can hide, but many players fail to realize that it also has a gap, so if they are hugging the wall then you might be able to see them from the other side of the van.
Meanwhile the Terrorist spawn has a couple of trucks where the enemy can save their weapons for the next round; it also has a container right at the spawn that serves as a good hiding spot. This container, just like the CT spawn van, also has a gap, and the person saving can also jump onto the railing next to it to have a better vision, but it can backfire just as well, since he might shot from the side.
This just about covers all the hiding spots on de_cache. We hope that you would be able to improve your gameplay by checking every corner for possible threats while moving across the map.
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