Checking corners on de_dust 2: Part 1


While playing any FPS, one must check his corners in case there is someone camping there. This also applies to CS:GO as sometimes people will hide in a corner to kill him from behind. They can also hide somewhere during an eco round in an attempt to killing someone and stealing their weapon. Sometimes these players hiding in the corner can also secure their team the round as they will play with patience, letting the enemy team pass by, and then pick them off one by one from the back. Some Counter-Terrorists would also hide in spots to try and ninja defuse the bomb by staying quiet as they sneak their way to the bomb. We would be going through some of the common spots where people would hide so you will not walk past them and get shot from the behind.


Today the map that we will start off with will be Dust 2, the iconic map that has been famous ever since the previous Counter-Strike titles. The map is still being played by an enormous amount of players but despite the huge user base, some of them still miss the common spots where the enemies are sometimes hiding. 
First we will talk about the A bombsite; the bombsite does not have as many hiding spots near the site but contains a few corners that someone should check when making their way into the site, for example, if someone is coming from A Long, they would have to check a lot of places before reaching the bomb site. They would first look behind the double doors, while also checking if someone is watching the double doors from long or the blue dumpster. An enemy can also be close to them with a shotgun or a pistol right behind the barrel at the double doors exit, or might be sticking right next to the corner at the right side. Also there might be someone inside the pit, but be aware of someone watching from the site as he can easily take you out while you are trying to jump down the pit to kill the enemy in there.
A long with the bombsite behind it.
Once you have cleared the initial parts of A long, you would have to then proceed to the bomb site where the enemies would be hiding most of the time. When making your way to the bombsite, you should smoke off the CT spawn so you don’t get shot while trying to cross the gap between the bombsite and A Long. Keep in mind to check the car near the A bombsite before heading towards the site.
To prevent things from falling apart, you should have 1 person behind watching to stop anyone flanking from Long doors and one teammate should have their eyes on the smoke in case any enemy rushes through it. Inside the site the only places that the enemies can be are goose, the barrels next to goose, behind the A site or the barrels near the site. Some enemies might also be hiding at the ninja spot so either flush the enemy out with a molotov or check it once you have established control of the site.
A short and the A bombsite.
On the other hand, entering the A site via A short shouldn’t be much of a problem as there aren’t many corners to check, but you will have to go through close quarter battles which may catch you off-guard if there’s someone hiding closeby. Also there isn’t much space to work with so you will have to be confident when you make the decision of rushing to the site from there, because if someone decides to stop or retreat, then he might block everyone else too. Before proceeding towards the site you must check if there’s someone hiding right around the corner at catwalk as they can easily kill you with a single bullet to the head with most weapons; afterwards, check if someone is on the stairs or behind the stairs as it’s a good hiding spot for most people.
Once you clear that, you would have to set up for the execute on the site, but keep in mind that someone might be hiding right in front of you after the stairs, crouched behind the small cover. Also someone might be camping in the corner next to ninja above the wooden barrels, so it may take some time to find them as it’s a hard spot and most people ignore checking it occasionally. Apart from those spots, there should be 1 person watching short from the A site, their position depends on the playstyle chosen. Sometimes they can be hiding behind the site crates, goose, blue barrels (both) or ramp; you should coordinate with your team in case of an A split attempt, so while you are clearing catwalk there can be some people from long to clear that, in order to expose the enemies on the site to be flanked from 2 sides, making it easier to kill them.
A sneaky position where some players like to hide at.
To show an example we would link a round played by our team in which they did an A split but they had their own variation to it, as the player on long would do this unique smoke in which he cuts off the player at pit from his teammates on the A site; meanwhile, the whole team goes from short. They would check all the corners and try to kill the enemies by flushing them out of cover with a molotov or by flanking from two sides as some of them dropped down to CT and went for A ramp since CT spawn was smoked and the opponent at long was cut off due to the smoke thrown from long. Our very own UkraineArseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko analyzed the whole strat and also showed the round in action later on as part of our youtube series.
A variation of the A-split done by our CS:GO team. Turn on english subtitles for the video.
This has been our first part of this guide, we will talk about the other half of Dust 2 i.e. the B bombsite in our second guide and also some spots where the enemy might be at the end of a round to save their weapons.
Credits: Images provided by Counter-Strike Wikia.
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