Checking corners on de_dust 2: Part 2

On Dust 2, the B bombsite can be considered as the easier choice between the two bombsites for the Terrorists because it doesn't really need any set strats or smokes to learn. To be able to seize control of the site you would have to make sure that there isn't anyone hiding in corners who might cost you the round. We have already talked about most of the spots on the A bombsite and its entrances ie A long and catwalk over here. There are multiple hiding spots where the enemies can be, so we are going to take a look at most of them.
Most of the time people would rush B on an eco round or try to get pickoffs. Apart from going to the site from the tunnels, you can also try doing a B split by also trying to make your way to the site through CT mid. 
Callouts for de_dust2. Credits to Steam user Froosh
If you are trying to go to the site from the tunnels then you should check if someone is hiding near the boxes at upper tunnels or at the stairs going towards lower tunnels. If you have someone watching over mid doors as a terrorist, then you might not have to worry about that, but if there is no one watching that or you have to go retake the site, then you might have to check the stairs. Also keep in mind to check if someone isn't taking cover from the boxes or is on top of them near the stairs. If you are on the retake as the counter-terrorist or just searching for anyone who is saving their weapon, then also take note that there might be someone outside the tunnels entrance behind the boxes near it. Otherwise there might be someone hiding at the fence near T spawn or on the spawn itself.
Once you are leaving the tunnels to enter the B site, then remember to check your left close corner or confirm someone isn't on top of the stack of boxes as they are common hiding spots. Before you even leave tunnels, check the B platform, as someone might be hiding behind the snipers' box or the huge red crate; someone can also be behind the barrels on the platform or on the bombsite itself. Once you have checked them and started making your way towards the site, check the fence, which is pretty much an ignored spot by most people but nonetheless can cost people the round numerous times.
Another spot that someone else should be checking at the same time is the car. Be sure to check the bomb site thoroughly as there is couple of spots to look through, most importantly the corner of the bombsite underneath the window. Also there may be someone who might not be on the bomb site itself but they might be watching over the tunnels from B doors or the window.
CT side of mid. Courtesy of Counter-Strike Wikia.
On the other side of the bombsite, there aren’t many spots to check if coming from mid to B but you can get pincered easily if you and your team do not cooperate well. First off you should try smoking off CT spawn before entering through mid doors. Be aware of anyone at short or CT mid who might catch you while going for the smoke - most of the time there is an AWP stationed at CT mid to watch over anyone going short or through mid doors, so it would be a wise option to first flash in and then go through the doors to avoid everyone going down to him.
Once you enter the CT side of mid then you should try to look if someone is at the boxes at the B doors, or on either scaffolding or window as they are the most common spots for someone to fall back on from CT mid. An unorthodox position is watching CT mid from the B site by looking through the B doors. Also someone should always watch the team’s back as enemies can flank from behind by either going through the smoke or coming from mid doors. If the enemy team is well coordinated, then they can boost someone at CT spawn to look over from above the smoke.
We take a look at our team performing their own variation of a B split after a fake on the A site. Remember to turn on English Subtitles
To demonstrate how to do the B split, we look back into our match against InternationalFaZe Clan. During the match, the team initially decided to execute on the A site but realizing that there was an AWP at the site watching over short, the team quickly decided to fall back. After the retreat we decided to go through mid doors with 1 of our player going through the tunnels to flank them but our smoke to block off CT spawn was unsuccessful as it left a gap in there; normally you can try to just smoke off CT spawn from X box instead, as that is much easier to execute with less chances of failure.
Once we decided to go inside the site, despite losing two players in quick succession we turned it around due to Russian FederationDenis "seized" Kostin flanking from tunnels and diverting attention of both players to him causing SlovakiaLadislav "GuardiaN" Kovács to get a kill on the Counter-Terrorist with his back turned and clear the site. Afterwards, we were able to easily plant the bomb and win the 2v1 situation.
This wraps up our guide but these are not all the spots where someone might be hiding; there are many other spots where an enemy can be hidden, since there is pretty much no limit to creativity when it comes to hiding, so it would be a good idea to always check your corners and be aware of whatever is happening around you. 


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