Checking corners on de_inferno: Part 1


During a competitive match, a round’s outcome can easily be changed just by not checking a corner where an enemy might be hiding. We would be looking at some of the corners that you should check on the latest map to be reworked by Valve, Inferno
Inferno had been one of the iconic maps and is in every game of the Counter-Strike series ever since Counter-Strike 1.1; despite going through numerous changes in each version it still remained as one of the most played maps along with the likes of Dust 2 and Nuke. The rework had the same layout of the map with the exception of adding another alternative route from T spawn heading towards alt mid but they only changed a few things and made the hallways wider. They also brightened up and increased the visibility of the map, making it easier to spot enemies in some parts of the maps like banana, where they removed all the pillars and opened up the whole area.
Even though the majority of the map is still the same as before but the rework has introduced a few new places that few people forget to check. Some of these places were used to be checked before the rework, but the map has either changed that location or made it look like that it sometimes becomes easy to ignore by some people.

Bombsite B

The B bombsite.
Before we cover the site, we would talk about Banana. As you are entering it, make sure that there is no one watching from T spawn or mid as they can easily pick you off before you even are able to proceed. When going through banana, then, remember to check both sides, the place where the logs are and one to your right which is hard to spot but someone can easily be hidden there without being seen. 
While checking those spots, one should keep their eyes on the barrels which used to be the car spot before, or the short wall which was introduced after the rework, as the enemies can boost a player to look over that wall. Keep in mind that the wooden cover at the barrels can be penetrated by certain weapons like the AWP so if anyone is hiding behind the car then try to get a wallbang on him. The sandbags are still there so remember to check that spot as usual in case someone is hoping to get a backstab on you.
The new banana outside bombsite B.
Before you enter the bombsite, remember to smoke off any rotators coming from CT spawn. The smoke blocking the enemy's’ vision at CT spawn is really crucial as it will help clearing the site much easier due to so many hiding spots. Afterwards start to clean out the site by checking the barrels on your close right and also the coffins, which was previously known as spools. Remember to check behind both stacks of boxes and also the boost on the first stack even before you step inside the bombsite.
You might not have to check the coffins if you have smoked that off from banana but keep an eye for anyone rushing through smokes though. Afterwards check the locations behind the fountain, i.e. dark and the tri-box - the callouts for these spots vary for each player. These locations are really popular for holding the bombsite, so if you are on the Counter-Terrorist side and going for the retake, then you would have to surely check that for any threats; mostly it’s going to be an AWPer that would be hiding behind the tri box.
Smoking off CT spawn before entering the B bombsite is an important step for the terrorists to take control of the site.
Once you have cleared the bombsite, the smokes that you might have done for coffins and/or CT spawn would be fading so be prepared for someone who can be waiting patiently behind the smoke. If you are on the terrorist side and got the bomb planted, then you should just stay inside and defend the C4; but if you are on the other side, doing the retake, then you would have to check the ruins (previously known as construction).
There is a small room inside the ruins where a CT might be waiting for exit frags or trying to get a kill or two before the retake so remember to clear that. Both doors of the ruins are at such an angle that you can see anyone on the other side, so before entering make sure no one is camping the spot, waiting for someone to enter. When you think the round is won and you have to exit, then make sure to check the truck outside ruins if you are going towards the CT spawn. 
This wraps up the first part of our guide; these may not be all the spots on the B bombsite and an enemy can try hiding in an unusual spot to catch someone from the opposing team by surprise, you should attempt to ruin that element of surprise and try to look at every spot during the round. We will be continuing this guide by talking about the A bombsite and a few hiding spots at T apartments in the next guide.


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