Congratulations on Eastern Xmas

Christmas comes a bit later for the orthodox. So today most of the CIS countries citizens celebrate this holiday. Following Eastern tradition we congratulate you on orthodox Christmas on behalf of Na'Vi organization.

We, gamers, are very busy all the time. We don't have holidays or weekends. Any time of day, any weather we are ready to spend our time and efforts on our favorite hobby. It has become work for me and my colleagues. However, we've had so many holidays lately, that it's time to put away our mouse and spend time with our family or friends. Christmas is great occasion.


Friendly family of the Born to Win congratulate you on this great holiday. We might be horrifying orcs, arrogant elves, cunning terrorists or faceless wisps in the screen, but it is important to remain human in real life. Today you have a chance to share a part of kindness with others, it will return to you.

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