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Yesterday we finished the regular matches of the current Starladder season. With our results, there is an almost guaranteed place for us in the finals, but there is a slight possibility when everything isn’t so peachy. We will talk about this possibility. 


We were the first team, to finish all of the 15 regular online matches and now we are on the first place. The next candidates for the LAN finals are the next 4 places in the table: Empire, Alliance, Quantic and RattleSnake.int.


image Na`Vi       15 11 4 33
image Empire    13 10 3 30
image Alliance 10 8 2 24
image RS.int    11 8 3 24
image Quantic 11 7 4 21


Here is the list of the upcomming matches for thos teams:

image Quantic [x:x]  image PR

image Quantic [x:x]  image Fnatic

image Quantic [x:x] image NEXT.kz

image Quantic [x:x] image RattleSnake.int

image The Alliance [x:x] image RoX.KIS

image The Alliance [x:x] image NEXT.kz

image The Alliance [x:x] image aSpera

image The Alliance [x:x] image uebelst

image The Alliance [x:x] image Duza

image Team Empire [x:x] image RoX.KIS

image Team Empire [x:x] image RattleSnake.int

image RattleSnake.int [x:x] image NEXT.kz

image RattleSnake.int [x:x] image 4FC


Every team needs wins here. Lets say that everyone wins all of their matches, excluding those where they needed to play versus out candidates.


image Quantic [1:0]  image PR

image Quantic [1:0]  image Fnatic

image Quantic[1:0] image NEXT.kz

image The Alliance [1:0] image RoX.KIS

image The Alliance  [1:0] image NEXT.kz

image The Alliance  [1:0] image aSpera

image The Alliance  [1:0] image uebelst

image The Alliance  [1:0] image Duza

image Team Empire [1:0] image RoX.KIS

image RattleSnake.int [1:0] image NEXT.kz

image RattleSnake.int [1:0] image 4FC

image Team Empire [0:0] image RattleSnake.int

image Quantic [0:0] image RattleSnake.int


The tournament table will look like that:


image Na`Vi     15 11 4 33
image Empire  14 11 3 33
image Alliance 15 13 2 39
image RS.int    13 10 3 30
image Quantic 14 10 4 30


In this case, when all the candidates have won their matches, everything depends on the matches between the teams that are in the table. There are two matches left, both with RattleSnake.int.


image Team Empire [0:0] image RattleSnake.int

image Quantic [0:0] image RattleSnake.int

What happens if RattleSnake.int win both matches? This will be the new table, and Alliance, Empire, RattleSnake.int and Na`Vi will go to the LAN finals in Kiev.
image Na`Vi     15 11 4 33
image Empire   15 11 4 33
image Alliance 15 13 2 39
image RS.int    15 12 3 36
image Quantic 15 10 6 30


Now lets say that RattleSnake.int lose both of the matches. This forces them to the 5th place, which doesn't allow them to go to the LAN finals.


image Na`Vi     15 11 4 33
image Empire  15 12 3 36
image Alliance 15 13 2 39
image RS.int    15 10 5 30
image Quantic  15 11 4 33


The only "bad" situation for our team is:


image Team Empire [0:1] image RattleSnake.int

image Quantic [1:0] image RattleSnake.int

In this case, the only guaranteed team will be Alliance, rest of the team will have the same score and will need to play additional matches.
image Na`Vi     15 11 4 33
image Empire  15 11 4 33
image Alliance 15 13 2 39
image RS.int    15 11 4 33
image Quantic 15 11 4 33


We don't know what decision the organizators will make. Maybe, they will count the time needed for the victory, and maybe there will be another matches round for the teams that got 33 points. Anyway, we don't have long time left to wait.

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