DreamHack Cluj-Napoca: Preview


The last Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major-tournament of this year is close at hand! Today, on 28 October, the best teams of the world will start the fight for their share of $ 250 000 and the title of the champion, and there are so many possible scenarios of how the tournament may go! 


One thing is certain: the seventh major must become one of the biggest events in a world of CS:GO. Not only will it bring much joy to all devoted fans of the game, but also determine the top team that will end a 2015 competitive season as a winner. To make the wait less tiring, let’s discuss some of the features of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015.


It's interesting!


This time, tournament organizers have chosen a different place to hold the competition, stepping away from the usual SwedenJönköping — Poland Katowice — Germany Cologne city trio. The response of fans has so far proved amazing, since everybody dreams to see such a spectacular eSports holiday in their native city. The number of grand-final viewers becomes bigger and bigger with each season, and such change of scenery can make it even greater. 


The next stop: Cluj-Napoca, Romania


New format


The organizers continue experimenting with the format, implementing new rules and regulations to the way the group matches are held and the maps between teams decided. Unlike ESL One Cologne, the tournament won’t feature the second group stage, but use a traditional GSL-format with a slight difference: decider matches in losers bracket will be conducted in the best of 3 format. Best of One veto system has also been changed: now one of the teams has the right to ban three maps, whereas the other one bans two and chooses which side to begin on. 


        de_train  de_cache

Map pool of the tournament


Some more facts


Our CS:GO team hasn't missed a single major and is included in top-3 organizations that are most frequently seen at  Valve, ESL and DreamHack tournaments, along with Swedenfnatic and SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas. By the way, overall number of participants of major-tournaments over the past three years reaches 40! 


The Born to Win are frequenters of majors (photo from DreamHack Winter 2014)


None of the teams have managed to win the title without losing a map. The records were set by Swedenfnatic (ESL One Katowice 2015 and ESL One Cologne 2015) and PolandVirtus.pro (ESL One Katwice 2014), who got their victory, losing only once. 



Virtus.pro.neo and fnatic.pronax are the masters of winning majors almost flawlessly


In 22 cases (52 %) out of 42 bo3 series in playoff stage, teams needed the third map to determine the winner of the match. It proves that the competition among top teams is extremely fierce. Besides, the score has never reached 16:0 over the course of three years. On the contrary, there were many intense best of 3 series, for example, the match at DreamHack winter 2014 (SwedenNiP against PolandVirtus.pro) which lasted for 91 rounds, as well as two 85-round matches within the framework of EMS One Katowice 2014 (Swedenfnatic against SwedenLGB) and ESL One Katowice 2015 (grand-final, SwedenNiP against Swedenfnatic). Katowice tournaments usually featured the most dramatic games and were the most interesting to watch.


Another curious thing is the age of players. The oldest team participating in DreamHack Cluj-Napoca is  PolandVirtus.pro (25.6 years old on average). The youngest one is  FranceEnVyUS (21.8 years). UkraineNa`Vi guys are somewhere in the middle (23.6 years). The experience of  UkraineZeus (28), Edward (27) and SlovakiaGuardian (24) in combination with the motivation of younger Russian Federationseized (21) and Russian Federationflamie (18) are the main ingredients of Na`Vi's success.



Egor «flamie» Vasilyev is one of the youngest CS:GO professional players



BrazilLuminosity Gaming
United StatesCloud9
Denmark TSM
UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics
United StatesTeam Liquid
UkraineNatus Vincere
United StatesCLG



The Polyvalent Hall sports arena is a huge hall that can seat 10 000 spectators. It is used for concerts and tennis, gymnastics, dancing, handball, volleyball, basketball, hard athletics and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

Cluj-Napoca is ready to hold the tournament!

Prize pool

top 1 place - $ 100 000 

top 2 place - $ 50 000 

top 3 top 4 place - $ 22 000 

top 5-8 place - $ 10 000 

top 9-16 place - $ 2 000

                                                                                                                                                *   *   *

Keep in mind that navi-gaming.com will follow all DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 events and keep you updated! Support our players by leaving your comments in a comment section below! Go, UkraineNa`Vi!


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