The best clutches in January


We've picked all January's most amazing clutch highlights of CIS Natus Vincere G2A, and three best clutches of the month in one article. Enjoy watching!


Best of Na`Vi

The first is Russian Federation flamie, who became the team's MVP and one of the most valuable players of the event at ELEAGUE Major 2017. The following highlight is from the match against Brazil SK Gaming, where Egor managed not only to play a clutch round, but also to make an ace.



The next is Russian Federation seized, who contributed much to the victory in the second game vs. Denmark Astralis. Denis won 1vs2 clutch and forced the Danes to have an eco round.



In a match vs. France EnVyUS we've seen some awesome play by Russian Federation flamie. We won the CT side, but in the second halftime lost the pistol round. Egor's awesome shooting won us the force buy and left no chances for the French to win the match.



The last clutch of CIS Natus Vincere was made by Ukraine Edward in a match against Brazil SK Gaming. In the 15 round Vania left alone against 2 rivals. His wise strafing enabled him to win the round.



Three best clutches

United States Team Liquid's United States jdm64 made an absolutely crazy ace, which eventually enabled his team to make comeback and win the game during overtime.



The next is France kioShiMa, who won the first round in the quarterfinal vs Brazil SK Gaming due his incredible play on USP-S.



The last is a key moment of the final match Denmark Astralis vs. Poland, where Denmark Xyp9x managed to get out of a very difficult situation. His victory decided the match.


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