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Recently the players of International Natus Vincere G2A played the qualifiers of StarLadder i-League Star Series Season 3 and Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. The team showed fair level of performance, though they didn't win the slots in the events' LANs. We asked the prominent figures of Dota 2 community about their impressions of our new team and its performance, as well as what players lacked to win the slots.


— What do you think about Na`Vi performance in qualifiers of StaLadder i-League and DAC 2017?


Russian Federation Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov, RuHub analyst: "For a recently formed line-up, the performance is quite acceptable. I would be happy to see Na`Vi at the LANs of the tournaments, but as they say "Rome wasn't built in a day"".


Russian Federation Viktor "GodHunt" Volkov, RuHub caster: "I could follow only Na`Vi performance at DAC 2017. I can say that there's progress and the reshuffle was fruitful. I feel the team can succeed. They need to improve teamplay and learn how to understand one another quickly".


Ukraine Roman "CaspeRRR" Lepehin, StarLadder caster: "This isn't perfect performance if we estimate it conventionally. However, taking into account the roster was formed not so long ago, they played well. Many draws prove they lack stability, which is exactly what the team should work on".


Russian Federation Aleksey "Lex" Phillipov, RuHub caster: "As per moment Na`Vi is a young team that only begins its way. So the result of their performance at the qualifiers is natural".


Russian Federation Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov, RuHub caster: "The performance isn't very impressive. It's early to make any conclusions, but the team showed only weaknesses of some players and lack of effective teamplay".


Ukraine Alexey "BafiK" Bafadarov, StarLadder caster: "Na`Vi managed to surprise everyone at every qualifier. It was pleasant to watch their performance unstable and yet bright at times. We've seen some interesting strategies and favourite heroes. This means they've hit the ground running. In my opinion, the brightest series was that against Team Secret at DAC, though they didn't manage to succeed afterwards".


Russian Federation Alexander "JAM" Korotkov, RuHub caster: "Frankly speaking I hadn't expected much of the new Na`Vi roster and been quite sceptical about it. Their performance met my expectations".


Russian Federation Dmitry "LighTofHeaveN" Kupriyanov, RuHub caster: "It's better than it was. The previous roster took last place in the qualfiers of The Boston Major. The new one took fifth place. Sooner or later they'll qualify to a tier 1 LAN".


Roman "rmN-" Paley


— What are the strengths and the weaknesses you see in the performance of the Born to Win?


Russian Federation NS: "The strength is the individual performance. As concerns the weakness, in my humble opinion, it is game strategies and tactics. The players still need to work on them. I hope they'll make wise cconclusions".


Russian Federation GodHunt: "The strength is the teamfights. The problems are in the rotations: the players would often die alone. I think that the mistakes will be fixed in time".


Ukraine CaspeRRR: "The strength is the mix of experienced players and fresh blood (who are capable of playing effectively). The weakness is that they need time to build that synergy".


Russian Federation Lex: "We've seen too few games to determine weaknesses and strengths of the team. In a couple of months we'll make our conclusions".


Russian Federation Maelstorm: "The strength is the management and great fan base, though these aren't game aspects, but stil... In my opinion the weakness is the lack of consistent play".


Ukraine BafiK: "I was surprised by the players I least espected to surprise me. Biver has become the most interesting and effective acquisition of the team. His decisions and performance would often win a game for Na`Vi. There are no serious faults in the performance of the newcomers, and this is strength. Sometimes, rmN- gets lost, but I have no doubt this is because of anxiety and, maybe, adaptation.


So far the confusion impedes the game. It is obvious that the team has problems with decision making and teamwork when playing against some line-ups. However, this is a young team, and such problems are solved with proper approach. All the best teams of the world had similar problems when they began their way".


Russian Federation JAM: "The obvious weaknesses is the lack of teamplay. The strength is the potential for the development :)".


Danil "Dendi" Ishutin

— What did the team lack to earn the slots at the LANs?


Russian Federation NS: "This is sport. Some win here, the others lose. Judging from the games I've seen, I don't think the rivals were much better than Na`Vi and left no chance to the team. Na`Vi lost in details, which means that this is not the limit of the roster".


Ukraine CaspeRRR: "Consistency".


Russian Federation GodHunt: "Time in the first place. This is the new line-up and the qualifiers were very hard. The team needs time, practices, communication - teambuilding in other words".


Russian Federation Lex: "I think that the lack of teamplay is the problem. The players hadn't played for a long time. We can't expect them winning. However, with the conditions they have (comfort, fans support and other thins), they have good chances to qualifiy for The Kiev Major".


Russian Federation Maelstorm: "The ability to lead the game to the victory".


Russian Federation BafiK: "They lacked team work. I recall the game against Liquid at Starseries qualifiers. I was casting it. Despite the good performance, Na`Vi players were simply surpassed in macro play. Their opponent was one step ahead and all the rotations and attack attempts failed. In top level games practically every player is powerful at micro play and everything is decided during the draft stage. However, if the drafts are equal, the team play and right decisions are of key importance. These aren't the things that emerge in 2 weeks, so there's no point to reproach the guys."


Russian Federation JAM: "As I said before, it seems to me that they haven't played together long enough. Recently we discussed it and came to a conclusion that arranging a three month bootcamp would be a good idea so that they could practice and play there. Then let them go before the major. Though it might sound cruel".


Malthe "Biver" Winther

— What can you suggest to our Dota 2 team? What should the player focus on in the first place?


Russian Federation NS: "I wish them good luck. I'd suggest to pay attention to positions 4 and 5. In my opinion, if you pick Rubick (which Na`Vi do on a regular basis), the hero should be played on position 4 to be effective, especially if he plays in combo with Ogre Magi, who doesn't need items. Unfortunately, Rubick was always picked for position 5, had few items and low level. No matter how cool Biver played on this hero, if it was hard to perform well with such low net worth".


Russian Federation GodHunt: "The main thing is to solve all the problems inside the team:) ENOUGH RESHUFFLES! WE WANT AEGIS IN THE HANDS OF NA`VI! :)".


Ukraine CaspeRRR: "They need to communicate more, build a better ingame communication, then they'll succeed".


Russian Federation Lex: "I hope that Biver would play not only on Rubick :) (taking into account 37% winrate )".


Russian Federation Maelstorm: "They need to focus on their play in the first place and don't pay attention to what's written on the Internet after their defeats".


Ukraine BafiK: "My advise is simple: become a team. The team is the only entity, in which everyone thinks differently but in the same direction. They need to build their play, find themselves in Dota 2 and they'll succeed for sure! Good luck, you have the greatest army of fans. Don't let them down!".


Russian Federation JAM: "I am not helpful here, since I haven't been a pro player and don't have high MMR. However, I can provide a viewer opinion: I suggest being serious about the games and put every effort into practices. Diligence is the mother of success :)".


The team in full force


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Now it's your turn to share your opinion on the performance of International Natus Vincere at the qualifiers. What do you think our team lacked to succeed? What can you suggest? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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#1 us adityadvd 15 February 2017, 19:00
Hey there, heroes! It's needless to say I'm a huge fan and have always wished for Na'Vi success throughout all the years and rosters. I'm no one to suggest anything about the game, but I can share an opinion on the human aspect of the game, which I consider really important. Playing together is obviously important but I would suggest that the guys take a break together, go on a trip together, spend some fun time, get to know each other as humans and develop a respect for each other. I think that wouldn't be asking too much of the players and would go a long way towards a stable roster, where players understand each other's personality and way of thinking and that can bleed into their game. Thanks a lot for all the joy you guys bring us! Good luck, and more importantly, have fun! GO NAVI!
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