TI Compendium 2015 review

Recently the new Compendium of the most important Dota 2 tournament - The International 2015 was presented to all the fans.  We are sure that many of you have already bought it. For those who are still hesitating whether to purchase it or not, we've prepared this review.



Compared to the previous year Compendium, the design hasn't undergone substantial changes. Though the color was changed from violet to golden.



The content of the first page hasn't changed either. The date, the venue and the quantity of teams are specified.



The table of contents seems a bit empty, but don't forget that more content will be appearing in future. The sooner is TI, the more information you will find there!



The winner heroes of the last match of TI4 are shown on the next page.  



Haven't you forgotten about the forecast? The voting will be over in 3 days. Valve will most likely present the list of the participants, which will gain the invites to the main part of the tournament.



The quantity of potential bonuses, which enlarge the prize pool, decreased by two items compared to the previous year. However the last item increased by 5 000 000 $! Do you think Valve will be able to repeat the record of 2014? Or even break it? 

Bonus list:


  • $ 1 600 000 - The International 2015 Coin Charm
  • $ 2 000 000 - Cursor Pack
  • $ 2 500 000 - Voting for players of All Stars Match
  • $ 3 000 000 - Immortal Treasure I
  • $ 3 500 000 - Vote for Arcana
  • $ 4 000 000 - Effigy Reforger Pack
  • $ 4 500 000 - Loading screen Treasure
  • $ 5 000 000 - New set of emoticons
  • $ 5 500 000 - HUD The International 2015
  • $ 6 000 000 - Treasure with taunts
  • $ 6 500 000 - The Watcher Below ward
  • $ 7 000 000 - Immortal Treasure II
  • $ 8 000 000 - Contest of short movies about Dota 2
  • $ 9 000 000 - Wyvern Hatchling courier
  • $ 10 000 000 - Immortal Treasure III
  • $ 11 000 000 - New Desert Terrain
  • $ 12 000 000 - New Music Pack
  • $ 13 000 000 - New Announcer pack
  • $ 14 000 000 - New Weather Effects
  • $ 15 000 000 - Special Immortal item for Axe and Axe comics



This page shows the current level of Compendium, and the bonuses Compendium owner can obtain from level up, e.g. visual effects for Dagon, Blink Dagger. For those who wish to get access to all the prizes, points are provided. Purchase these points to level up.



More detailed information about the prizes for each level is provided on this page. 



The Achievements are provided on the next two pages. They are pretty similar to those of the previous years. The tasks haven't changed substantially. Compendium owners are offered to watch a particular number of games or participate in making forecasts. But maybe this year Valve specialists will make something new,



This is a completely new section, offering various tasks (e.g. to make a doublekill in one game). The tasks are changed every 5 days. Additionally you can change any task once per 3 days, if you don't like it. Complete the tasks to earn coins and spend them to gain random item or even a whole set.



This page is designed for immortal collection. We can see only the first row, since the other Treasures will be opened as soon as the prize pool reaches particular sum. 


This is the last page of the Compendium.


The price is $ 9.99. There's a possibility to purchase Compendium of 50th level at once at $ 26.99. The price of the points to increase level ranges from $ 2.49 to $ 9.99 depending on their quantity. Compendium and the points can be purchase in Dota 2 official shop.


Summing up, The International Compendium 2015 seems a bit empty and unfinished for now. But don't forget that the process of the previous Compendiums filling in wasn't finished until the beginning of the main part of the tournament. The sections with voting, forecasts and information about the participating teams will be added a bit later. Maybe, Valve will make us a surprise.

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